Diseases of tomatoes: ways of treatment

Diseases of tomatoes: ways of treatment

Most often at the correct care for tomatoes it is possible to avoid their disease. But there are cases when even at observance of all rules of agrotechnology the gardeners have to face their diseases.

Perhaps, the most dangerous and widespread disease tomato is phytophthora. Rainy and cold weather is the reason of its lightning distribution. This misfortune caused by fungi can ruin big half of harvest. Brown spots at first on leaves, and then and fruits speak about defeat of plant phytophthora. At sick tomatoes leaves turn yellow and wither, and tomatoes decay and disappear. First of all prevention will help to prevent disease. Measures need to be taken when processing seeds. Before landing they are killed on for about 20 minutes in manganese solution. It is necessary to wash out only surely them under flowing water upon termination of this procedure. Prevention can consist in watering by cindery water. Solution is prepared by insisting of 3 spoons of ashes on water liter within two days. Tomatoes pour down or sprayed with infusion of times in two weeks. If the disease was found at early stage when single bushes are struck, then these bushes are ruthlessly removed and burned in order to avoid spread of infection which can affect all harvest literally for couple of days. If after all the disease has extended, then it is necessary to process tomatoes the Bordeaux liquid or the chemical medicines ""Tatu"", ""Ridomil"", Champion"". The tomatoes processed by chemistry cannot be eaten within three weeks.

One more fungal disease tomato is fuzariozny withering. Plants are ill it at early stages of growth. Infection occurs or at damage of root system, or in stage of seeds. Externally it is expressed in withering of leaves, the impression is rendered that to plants moisture suffices just. But later fruits turn yellow and crack. Change of the soil and crop rotation - the main preventive measures in fight against fuzariozny withering. It is possible to treat disease the biological medicine "Trikhodermin" or chemical Previkur.

Gray decay - disease to which the tomatoes which are grown up in greenhouses are most often subject. Sources of infection are plant debris - the dying-off part of bushes, dry leaves. The disease in the form of light-brown or pale green spots on leaves and fruits is shown. Later the immature fruit is softened and falls off. Wrong agrotechnical leaving (high humidity, low temperature, lack of ventilation). From this it follows that ways of fight against gray decay consist in disinfection of the soil, good airing of greenhouses and their heating in cold weather. It is possible to cover the struck trunks of tomatoes with solution from 300 grams of KMC glue and 40 grams of fungicide on water bucket. It is possible to add lime for pastelike state to mix.

At big thickening of crops, insufficient ventilation and high humidity of rooms in which seedling of tomatoes is grown up the seedlings can be struck with disease black leg. The disease begins with radical zone, on plant the dark dry stain appears, it blackens. The putrefactive infection develops promptly, destroying all saplings literally for one night. The survived plant will not be full and its development will be slowed down. Prevention of disease requires disinfecting of the soil by Trikhodermin, frequent airing of greenhouses. Watering of seedlings has to be abundant, but rare, by all means in the first half of day. 

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