Domestic ants: how to get rid of ants in the apartment

Domestic ants: how to get rid of ants in the apartment

The real disaster for any family – emergence in the apartment of horde of ants. These prolific insects quickly accustom on the new place and breed with improbable progression. There live these "faraonova" ants huge community under leadership of uterus. By search of food the ants workers leave noticeable mark, odorous for them, to pave the way to the fellows. How to get rid of ants in the apartment?

Why it is necessary to destroy domestic ants

It is necessary to get rid of ants in the apartment first of all to avoid transfer of diseases which these insects as well as mice, cockroaches, rats are capable to extend. They occupy any food object, are capable to get into any scanty space, any slot.

The discomfort from their accommodation is obvious absolutely in everything: eating products in the house, they provoke diseases of intestinal path; spoil isolation of electric devices in the house, creep on skin of the person and have infectious diseases. Therefore it is necessary to get rid of ants in the apartment as soon as possible after their detection.

Of course, success will depend on structure of the apartment, opportunity to spread out baits in appropriate places of constant stay of ants. Forming of the slot can happen both behind plinth, and in small shchelochka behind locker in kitchen where podlezt it is just impossible. You should not forget that there are cases when ants form the slot outside the apartment, but come for power supply exactly there.

How to get rid of ants by means of bait

For a start it is necessary to stock up with boric acid which is on sale in any pharmacy.

Boric acid is mixed with products which so love ants. It can be mincemeat or the crushed boiled egg. These baits need to be displayed in the available environment that the remains could be removed, otherwise the putrid smell will be added to availability of ants in the house.

This bait will be suitable for hard-to-reach spots. It is necessary to add a little honey to boric acid, diluted with water. Ants will gradually carry away poison to the slot, will destroy it, and it will become much simpler to get rid of ants in the apartment.

Very well the bait from yeast and boric acid helps. This mix needs to be pounded with small amount of water and sugar and to display in residences of ants.

How to get rid of ants, using odorous means

Paths of ants can be strewed with grated garlic or parsley. Edges of plinths and table lockers can be greased with refined sunflower oil. The smell will frighten off insects, they will be left without food and will forever leave the apartment.

If baits have not helped, and ants still attack housing, it is necessary to get special means for their destruction.

To get rid of ants in the apartment, it is necessary to hold the above-stated events in time. But in order to avoid appearance of insects it is necessary to watch purity of the room carefully.

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