Door handles: we choose original design

Door handles: we choose original design

Door handles – one of those parts which create interior do it finished and harmonious. And if it seems to you that this element does not play special role, just choose the ugly, not suitable on style at all handle and make sure that it can spoil quickly registration in general.

It is necessary to show consideration for material selection of which handles are manufactured. It is necessary to select them not only taking into account features of registration of door: opportunities which are given to the designer during the work with this material are not less important. It should be noted at once that it is worth refusing cheap plastic handles even if they are executed marbled. First, having touched, you will feel difference between false texture and material at once. Secondly, plastic handles quickly lose the beauty therefore the originality of their design costs little.

One of the best options – metal door handles. It is not only about stainless steel, but also about brass, bronze of which make the stylized semi-antique accessories. You can choose both bright gloss of the chromeplated surface, and soft shine of precious metal. Thanks to features of material the designers have great opportunities at production of original handles for doors. Magnificently massive "ancient" products look, however modern elements in style hi-tech are not less good: for example, metal brilliant handles with LEDs, the products of original form complemented with glass parts.

Wooden handles can be original too. As a rule, they first of all are luxury. Pay attention to the products decorated with thread, decorative inserts (including made of tooled leather), incrustation. Even more original and magnificent option – stone handles with original facet, the etched patterns, thread. It is possible even to call many of them true piece of art. At last, pay attention to glass handles. Originally and interestingly products with the illumination, internal filling etched by elements look. Often glass handles have the sphere form that allows to turn them, for example, into similarity of the globe or ball with "artificial snow".

Stylish, originally and interestingly door handles in the form of hand look: to open door, you need "to shake hands" or turn it. Original handles guns will be suitable for interroom doors: when the person presses trigger, the mechanism works and the door opens. There are also useful handles which can perform additional functions: for example, in "funnel" and "clothespeg" it is possible to leave notes which will be noticed by all means by the person leaving the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team