Dot lamps in registration of interior

Dot lamps in registration of interior

Dot lamps perfectly are suitable both for office centers, and for home living rooms. They can be used as independent elements of decor and luminous source or in combination with classical chandeliers, sconce, floor lamps, as decoration of the room or irreplaceable element of interior. They are practical and elegant. But, perhaps, their most important advantage is that such lighting equipment can be applied anywhere: on ceiling, in cabinets, walls or even on floor.

Form, color, structure of dot lamps

The decorative dot lamp has gained huge and by right deserved popularity along with distribution of arch apertures and false ceilings. Nevertheless, installation of such lighting instrument can be made absolutely in any the location of the apartment, comfortable for you. The most important is to decide on the choice of kind of dot lamps.

On the structure the dot lamps are divided into rotary and not rotary.

From the name it becomes clear at once that rotary lamps can rotate easily round its pivot-center. This opportunity thanks to the special structure of lighting instrument is reached, namely - by means of the mobile part located in external armature. Such type of lamps is very convenient, the ray of light can be directed by means of the easy movement of hand anywhere. The nature of room illumination, thus, can change depending on personal desire of hosts and their guests.

Unlike rotary, not rotary lamps have no mobile fastening therefore they can be established only once and forever. However, producers compensate lack of such mobile armature by intricate forms of this type of "points" that, undoubtedly, in addition decorates your interior. In shops the dot lamps can be met in the form of crystals, thaw or lobes. Both types of dot lamps make of glass and metal. In more exceptional cases – from thermoplastic and brass. In both cases, unfortunately, you will not meet any special variety of flowers. Bronze, chrome and brass is most often used black or white. But exceptions nevertheless meet, is especially frequent in laid on lamps. Recently their body began to be painted more often in unusual colors for lighting equipment of a such type. Besides, there is large number of manufacturing firms which manufacture lamps by individual orders.

In case of the individual order both color, and form depend only on imagination of the customer.

Options of arrangement of dot lamps

Before buying dot lamps, attentively study ceiling of the house. Will depend on its device what illumination, that is what type of "points" will light the room. In false ceilings the mounting of cut-in lamps as they "utaplivatsya" well in cloth of ceiling most often meets and practically do not support its limits. If in one of rooms you want to imitate the sky on ceiling, and by means of "points" to represent star firmament, also look narrowly at cut-in lamps. They will best of all play role of stars on the similar design decision. The same bulb can be used also for illumination of plasterboard apertures, illumination of cabinets or niches. Its main advantage is that directly the body of the lamp is not swept up at all. It creates illusion of the fact that light proceeds directly from wall or ceiling, as if in itself. If ceilings in your apartment not tension, it does not mean at all that dot light does not suit you. Pay the attention to so-called laid on lamps. The lamp in them is located lower than the level of ceiling and separates from it by means of the special platform. Thanks to such design the halogen type of lamp can quicker be cooled. In the theory this important moment turns the laid on lamp into safer type of lighting. In all the rest laid on and cut-in lamps in the technical features and characteristics practically what do not differ in. The color dot lamp will find to itself the successful place for arrangement absolutely in any room of your house. They can change room space. For example, the room will seem more, ceiling – above if on its perimeter to establish such light. "Points" are capable to emphasize non-standard design of multilevel ceiling. They will give to the room mysterious look and will fill it with romantic mood if are built in in arch aperture. But do not think that this type of lighting can be used only in the design purposes for "targeting of beauty" in the apartment. They are simply irreplaceable in kitchen, over working surface of table-top if in this place it is impossible to establish spot. Besides, there are special sources of artificial lighting which establish in regiments of cabinets to make more convenient and fast process of search of the necessary thing. Rotary dot lamps well are implemented on dressing table, in the hall or the bathroom over the top level of mirror. Such lighting is capable to provide ideal drawing make-up or shaving.

The small bulbs which are built in steps of your ladder will help to save electric power expense on the main lighting and not to fall, rising or going down from the floor on the floor in the dark.

Dot light is quite widely applied in external lighting. On the country site they can be built in in verandah handrail, along path or on bed perimeter. Even the pool can be illuminated under water. But you should not think only of beauty of design, you remember, please, and safety rules.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team