Drawing up project of frame-board houses

Drawing up project of frame-board houses

Frame-board houses have set of advantages before other designs. They are eco-friendly, do not demand construction of the solid base, are resistant to loadings, practically do not shrink. Such houses are also very simple in mounting. Construction of the house of frame-board type should be begun with drawing up the special project in which all features of technology of construction of the building will be provided.

It is necessary to refer good heat conductivity, seismostability and profitability to distinctive features of frame-board houses. But their main advantage in comparison with elite cottages, undoubtedly, consists in simplicity of construction of design. Mounting of such house can be executed in extremely short terms at small expenses of materials and labor. The main thing that needs to be considered at construction, – strict observance of technology and following of the project documentation.

Construction of the house of frame-board type can be conducted at all seasons of the year.

Most often development of the project and frame-board houses specialized construction companies install. Such production associations distribute free catalogs of ready standard projects, have the checked technologies and special practices. But happens that in specific single case the ready project offered for sale does not satisfy the customer. Often it is required to consider topographical, climatic and seismological features of the site allocated under building.

If you want to receive the frame-board building in accuracy satisfying to your inquiries and requirements and also respective to financial opportunities, you can not only charge to the construction organization development of special design, but also perform part of project works independently or by means of the expert in the field of architecture. The owner of the project to become free, possible, it will not turn out. However, the general low cost of production and mounting of precast frame-board structures allows customers to allocate part of funds for design of the house with individual planning to the taste.

Houses of frame-board type can be various by the sizes, number of storeys and planning. Also the type of foundation of the house, type of roof and wall decoration, not to mention final external and interior finish can be different. For areas with long cold season the additional system of warming of the house can be provided. All these questions need to be considered and solved already at stage of drawing up the project documentation. Those builders who have made the decision to construct the frame-board house by own efforts should begin work with preparation of technical solution. Not everyone will be able in full, taking into account construction and design standards to create the professional project of the house, and here even the nonprofessional will be able to make the technical solution suitable for construction construction. For a start it is necessary to choose the scale of the schematical image, for example, 1:100 or 1:50. On the big sheet of paper in the chosen scale contours of the house in which area living rooms, utility and economic rooms are distributed are drawn. Minimum dimensions of rooms according to standards make: for kitchen – 5 sq.m, for the bedroom – 6 sq.m, for the living room – 12 sq.m. It is necessary to consider also depth dimensions of the room. Height of ceilings in the house should not be less than two and a half meters. If in the house the ladder conducting in penthouse is provided, then width of stair flight has to be about a meter, and the bias should not exceed 45 degrees. In the living room, in the bedroom and in kitchen the sufficient natural lighting has to be provided. It is necessary to provide at windows of transom or window leaf for airing of rooms. When calculating the area of windows it is possible to use both construction standards, and the requirements to natural illumination.

For the living room the southwest and western lighting is suitable more, and for kitchen – from the North.

It is convenient to separate the frame-board house into sleeping and day functional zones. In the presence in the project of penthouse it is convenient to arrange the bedroom there, having taken away the lower level of the house under day zone. Taking into account these recommendations on paper the detailed large-scale plan of future house appears. It represents type of all design at the level of one meter from floor surface if to cross the house the imagined horizontal plane. The base of the house is drawn separately on all width, on it the coordinate axes playing marking role are affixed. Further contours of walls are drawn, internal partitions, the locations of air vents and heating appliances (furnaces, fireplaces, the boiler, etc.) are noted. Windows and doors which can be represented in the last turn on the plan draw open. The project of the frame-board house can include also the image of all facades of the building, house cuts in vertical plane, the plan of arrangement of rafters and roof on which installation sites of overlappings can be also noted. Thinking over final version of the project of the house, correlate it to opportunities of use of any given materials. Modern frame-board houses build usually on Canadian or on the German technology between which difference consists in selection of material for framework. The Canadian option assumes use of natural wood, and in the German technology metal elements are applied.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team