Dush-toptun – the simple decision for giving

Dush-toptun – the simple decision for giving

In hot summer day the refreshing shower is capable both to restore forces and to lighten the mood. Owners of country sites try to establish on it stationary shower or bath, but so it turns out not at all. The shower-toptun can act as fine alternative to shower cabin.

The product called shower-toptun represents rug from rubber on which there are two convex buttons. Production material – strong medical rubber – is capable to serve to owners very long. From rug sides hoses on one of which there is shower nozzle diffuser are connected to it.

As the shower-toptun works

Dush-toptun because of the principle of its action call still pneumatic. Its work happens as follows. At first it is necessary to prepare any capacity from which water will be pumped up. It can be bucket or flask – that is receptacle for enough water. Capacity is filled with water then one of hoses falls to it.

Buttons on rug are the foot pump by means of which water on one hose is pumped from capacity and moves on the second on which end there is special nozzle. At small physical expenses of souls-toptun allows to receive washing with the maximum comfort. If on the site water is not carried out yet, the refreshing procedures with use of this device can help out very much.

Device advantages

Among advantages of this product there is simplicity of application. After immersion of hose in water it is necessary to press several times on the pump buttons located on rug that water was pumped up inside and moved outside in the form of scattered shower. Dush-toptun it is possible to call rather economic decision – construction of bath or stationary cabin for adoption of water procedures at the dacha turns out more expensive and is not always brought in primary expenses. Therefore as temporary measure many use such device. One more advantage – universality. First of all the shower-toptun is intended for hygienic procedures, but it is used also for other purposes. For example, sometimes such adaptation is used for washing of cars or for watering of beds. Even in city conditions pnevmodush it can be useful. Seasonal cutoffs of water for living in apartments – not news, and in the presence of such product when on the street of heat, itself can facilitate life a little. Dush-toptun takes very few place. The rubber rug has the sizes small that allows to remove it on regiment of the shed or cabinet. The portability of the device gives the chance if necessary just to carry it with itself in the machine if there is no opportunity to leave at the dacha. If desired the shower-toptun can even be taken in campaign.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team