Effective cleaning: we wash parquet and laminate

Effective cleaning: we wash parquet and laminate

In recent years among floor coverings such materials as laminate and parquet began to enjoy special popularity. The thing is that they look rather elegantly and give to the house cosiness and interesting design.

It is required to you

  • Laminate is laminate: consists from several layers and differs on the components. The parquet represents the monomaterial consisting of wood planed levels, in particular for its production use breeds of oak, beech, ash-tree, birch, maple and elm.


1. As soon as in your house, office or any other room there is floor made of such materials then the problem of care for very whimsical coverings appears. The thing is that from aggressive materials or excess of moisture laminate and parquet quickly lose the original state, there are scrapes and roughnesses, floor is blown up. It is necessary to know that such materials do not love excessive humidity therefore after each cleaning they need to be wiped with dry rag to remove surplus of water.

2. Most often for washing of such surfaces use the specialized means intended only for laminate and parquet. The cleansers containing small parts in the structure will not be suitable for such floors as will scratch surface and to leave small marks and stains.

3. If you not really love chemical means, can wash such floors ordinary vinegar, applying it in the following proportions: on 5 liters of water 1 tablespoon.

4. It is also worth noting one essential difference between laminate and parquet which is that the parquet needs to be rubbed with wax and to polish. Laminate does not allow influences by either wax, or other polishing means.

5. Also remember before trying new cleaning agent, for a start part it in water, then apply on the small site of parquet or laminate, somewhere in corner. Leave for couple of hours, and then check material reaction: if it was not blown up and has not lost brightness of color, means is suitable for cleaning.

6. Ideal algorithm of cleaning of these floors will be following: cleaning of dust by means of broom, then damp cleaning with cleaning agents, damp cleaning with the rag washed with water, cleaning with dry rag.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team