Electric boilers: selection criteria

Electric boilers: selection criteria

Autonomous heating services finds the broadest application in owner-occupied country houses, allowing their owners, even in the absence of the main gas supply, to ensure necessary comfort and cosiness at all seasons of the year. If you have decided to install the electric heating boiler in the house, it is necessary to choose it taking into account real needs of your family.

Advantages of electric boilers

In operation are considered as heating boilers as the most economic running on gas, but at its absence the boilers using liquid or solid fuel and also the electric boilers which are powered from three-phase network can become alternative. For giving or country house, on condition of right choice, the electric boiler can become the most economic option in comparison with boilers of other types, even despite rather high cost of the electric power. Economy is reached at the expense of the low cost of the equipment; simplicity, ease and low cost of mounting and connection.

It is possible to carry small dimensions which allow to establish them in any convenient and available location where there is possible connection to network and also simplicity of management, lack of combustion products and environmental friendliness to other advantages of electric boilers.

For heating of country houses less than 60 sq.m it is possible to use the normal electric socket with voltage of 220 V.

What to pay attention when choosing electric boiler to

The first that needs to be made before going to shop, it to calculate the power of the device necessary for you which has to not only provide your house with heat, but also supply it with hot water. For this purpose you need to choose double-circuit electric boiler which performs both of these functions. Expect power, that on heating of 10 sq.m of the room with ceilings 3 m high the electrical system of heating needs about 1 kW. It is natural that the received value will be rather big therefore you need to check whether there will drop down that the power which has been allocated to you for operation of the house, on power supply of the electric boiler and other electric devices and also will make sure that the electrical wiring is in good repair, has grounding and will sustain such tension.

Use of automatic system of control allows to optimize work of heating services and, finally, to save up to 30-40% of the spent electric power.

Supply cable and devices of protection are included in the standard package. You can choose floor or wall option of installation of the heating electric boiler and also pick up necessary complete set and buy the device equipped with the programmator regulating heating, the accumulative tank and the pump providing continuous circulation of the heat carrier. The built-in system, such pump provides the high efficiency of its work, allows to use pipes with smaller diameter and to install thermostats in each room. The pump works silently as its cooling does not require the fan, the pumped-over water is for this purpose used.

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