Electric winch – the strong assistant

Electric winch – the strong assistant

The electric winch facilitates movement of cargo in the vertical or horizontal direction. One of elements of its design is the rope which is reeled up on drum. This mechanism is used for installation, construction and loading works.


The electrically driven winch consists of the main and auxiliary drums, reducer, the launching unit and the electric motor. The design fastens on frame with rollers which are located from the main drum, they protect rope from friction. The drive with the worm gear is considered the most reliable, even in case of breakage the rope will not break from drum.

The electric winch is completed with rope, most often its length is 30-60 m, but it can be more, this parameter is called rope capacity. When choosing specific model it is necessary to pay attention to the developed thrust effort, curb weight of the device and hoisting speed of cargo, at different models it varies from 0.22 to 2 m / c.

Types of electric winches

Electric winches are separated into types depending on works for which are intended. They are applied in life and on production. The figurative construction winch can be moved easily to the right place and to fix. Often these devices are operated by means of the special remote controller that does them more preferable if actions have constant character. The household electric winch is applied in household, it receives mains supply of 220 V.S it the help it is possible to lift cargoes on the second or higher floors, to lower objects in cellar or the basement, to tighten heavy large-size constructions or to make car repairs. Household devices are not intended for work with super-heavy loads, however they can it is useful on small construction sites or in the closed space, for example, in the basement, the mine or well. As a rule, such devices weigh less than 40 kg in this connection their storage and transportation do not present any difficulties. Small-sized mini-winches can work at temperature from-20 to 40 °C, at their use it is necessary to avoid direct hit of moisture. Mounting electric winches can not only move, lift and tighten cargoes, also they are part of many construction lifting gears. Unlike household devices with lightweight, assembly models are not suspended, and are established and fixed on horizontal surface. At their operation it is necessary to meet certain temperature conditions, environment in which works are carried out should not be explosive.

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