Electrofireplace in the apartment: pluses and minus

Electrofireplace in the apartment: pluses and minus

Today for comfortable stay it is optional to use the expensive center, it is enough to replace of it with modern design which the electrofireplace is. It is beautiful, convenient and economic attribute it is modern cosiness.

The electrofireplace can be established in any room - whether it be in owner-occupied dwelling or the apartment. Advantage of this device, in comparison with other analogs of design, cannot just be challenged. It should be taken into account positive side of such design.


The electrofireplace does not demand such big expense of the electric power as it can seem at first sight. It does not need fuel and also pipe cleaning or other expenses.

Electrofireplace, even when to build in it facing, will cost cheaper, than construction of the whole wood fireplace in the dwelling. Among advantages of electrofireplace it should be noted also rather low cost of its operation. In the decorative mode this device consumes as much kilowatt how many one electric bulb is capable to take. And care for such model consists only in regular cleaning of dust. It is not necessary to clean product from ashes, to care for removal of smoke. Elektrokamin allows to receive almost realistic flame therefore at once it is not clear that it is only the heater. The electric fireplace is mounted easily, it is enough to be connected to the power supply network, and then only to derive pleasure from contemplation of "tongues of flame". Besides, it is not necessary to carry out coordination on installation of this design with special services. This model does not heat around itself situation that, in turn, provides protection of furniture against fire emergence. Besides, modern producers provide wide choice of the range in any option, proceeding from individual preferences and money today. The variation of price question is rather various.


It is necessary to refer to shortcomings of such designs, first of all, availability in the market of low-quality fakes of doubtful production. And it, in turn, will affect quality of work and term of operation of the device. The lack of electrofireplace consists in properties of the real chimney design therefore heating and functional product characteristics suffer. In such fireplace it is impossible to throw the real firewood and to hear their crackling and also to enjoy aroma of pitch of wood. Though all these qualities, in principle, are relative. It is worth noticing that the last samples of electrofireplaces provide rather high-quality illusion of the real flame. But, anyway, what model would not be filled in the dwelling, it will bring heat and cosiness in the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team