Energy saving wooden log houses: pluses and minuses

Energy saving wooden log houses: pluses and minuses

The most known house in Russia is "chopped". In it the timbered felling acts as walls. Such house in the people is called "the Russian log hut". Wooden walls of log hut give to residents lot of positive emotions, and to the touch they are much more pleasant and warmer than those for which construction the brick or the block was used.

Undoubtedly, the log house, unlike buildings from foam concrete block, has large number of advantages. It, as well as brick lodge, can serve quite long time, and stay in it is useful for human health. But it is undesirable to use it as country house or giving.

Features of log house

Log houses which design can be chosen independently have long life cycle at permanent residence in them. At daily heating of the house by means of the furnace there is not only heating of the room, but also its ventilation. Air when burning fire comes from the room and comes out through flue. Fresh air comes to its place and thanks to it in the house crude, stagnant zones do not appear. This process provides to such dwelling long life cycle.

For this reason those houses which are not heated or if it occurs irregularly, quickly become useless. One day of visit of the log house in winter time from natural at the same time fenny furnace has the same impact as year cycle of change of seasons on felling. If to use it only in summertime, then need for its good quality disappears. The ready log house has traditional cuttings and connections and, without having practical skills, qualitatively thehandsit is almost impossible to perform work of .

Pluses and minuses of log houses

The tree already from antiquity was applied to construction of housing. And today it is one of the most popular materials. It has enough advantages – environmental friendliness, reliability, durability, and at the moment houses from this material successfully compete with other materials.

The durability of log house directly depends on quality of its construction.

The most popular for construction is the rounded log. Houses from such material are suitable also for seasonal accommodation, and for constant. And the available modern projects of wooden houses allow to build the building of any category of complexity – from the small building with verandah to the solid building with open terraces and balconies. Energy saving houses from bar differ in cosiness and heat. Thanks to small heat conductivity in hot time in them it is fresh, and in the winter – heat. Air in such houses is "much lighter" because of the phytoncides emitted by tree. The main breeds of tree for construction are the pine or fir-tree. They have sufficient durability and at the same time have small cost. Apply larch which has bigger, than pine or fir-tree moisture resistance and durability to the lower wreaths of the house.

For protection of wood against wreckers and negative external impacts it is impregnated with special liquid impregnation.

Except large number of pluses, this material has also minuses. The main is its fire danger. Therefore walls of wooden house process fire-retarding agents. Besides, the log house possesses shrinkage because of what its terms of construction considerably increase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team