English lawn the hands

English lawn the hands

The English lawn is the real decoration of any site. Of course, its arrangement demands a lot of time and forces, but the result is worth it, such lawn will change the territory, having given to landscape of elegance and respectability.

Preparation of the site

It is necessary to begin arrangement of the English lawn with preparation of the soil. The site on which the lawn will be located has to be ideally equal. Otherwise rain water will accumulate in deepenings and it can lead to rotting of root system.

It is important that the fertile layer on the site for lawn was not less than 17 cm if it insufficiently big, it is necessary to get torfokroshka and to add necessary quantity, having increased layer thickness.

Before crops of lawn it is necessary to loosen the soil then to level and walk on the site special skating rink. After that the soil needs to be loosened once again by means of rake. Now it is possible to introduce fertilizer for lawns according to the instruction specified on packing.

Crops of lawn seeds

After the site is completely prepared, it is possible to start crops of lawn grass. If you are going to use seeds, then it is the best of all to use the special seeder evenly to distribute plants on the site. After crops the kidney needs to be stamped by means of lawn skating rink and after that to promulchirovat lawn torfokroshka, having brought its layer 2-3 cm. After the procedure of mulching the lawn needs to be watered, using at the same time the sprayer that has not washed up seeds water jet from the soil.

It is not recommended to sow the English lawn in the early spring or late fall as it is necessary for good germination of seeds that the soil was heated-up. If it is correct to make everything, shoots will appear in 5-6 days. It is regularly desirable to water lawn in the evening, so moisture will longer remain in the soil.

At crops by seeds the beautiful and magnificent lawn is formed approximately in 2 years when the grass expands and will fill all space.

Rolled lawn

Those who do not want to wait long for results can use the rolled lawn which is grown up in nursery on special process. Of course, this way more expensive, but at the same time and more effective. The lawn in roll also demands special preparation of the site, otherwise plants can simply die from the wrong leaving.

Besides scarification and its processing by lawn skating rink, landing of rolled lawn requires arrangement of sandy pillow. It is necessary to apply the mix consisting of the torfokroshka connected in equal proportion to the rotted-through manure on sandy layer. The layer of such mix has to be not less than 5 cm. After arrangement of fertile layer it is possible to start laying of rolled lawn. Rolls roll out with small overlap. After laying the lawn needs to be watered.

Within month it is impossible to go on lawn, and here it is necessary to water it daily in the evening within 5-6 days, after that watering needs to be reduced to 1 time in 5-6 days. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team