Entering of ashes into the soil

Entering of ashes into the soil

Use of ashes on kitchen gardens as fertilizer is known for a long time. Its popularity has a little quieted down when there was set of outlets where there are chemical fertilizers for every taste much. But many summer residents and now with great success apply ashes to earth fertilizer.

Ashes are often applied to decrease in acidity of soils. Wood it is considered the best deoxidant – in it usually a lot of calcium. But it is not necessary to bring such additive on the limed soils – for plants this operation turns into deterioration in access to phosphorus.

It is necessary to bring ashes on soils time in 3 or 4 years. On 1 sq.m. of the area bring 0.5 kg of wood, slate, peat version. When using straw ashes 3 kg are required. It is not necessary to bring much – it will increase alkali content that perniciously affects both plants, and the soil.

At the correct introduction, ashes improve structure of the earth on the site, loosen it, microflora becomes more suitable for favorable development of cultures and increase in productivity.

It is not necessary to fertilize thus solonetzic soils. Ashes will not be suitable for the plants loving acidic environments are coniferous, heather, rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and others.

How to prepare compost

For the earth excellent fertilizer turns out if to prepare compost. Ashes will accelerate its maturing, will help to decay to components, promote enrichment with mineral substances. Plant layers during creation of compost pour ashes and leave in special hole.

Ashes for fight against garden wreckers

Such natural substance can be used as fungicide and insecticide. It is possible to dust plants and the earth, to prepare solutions for watering of cultures damaged by wreckers or diseases by them.

Cindery and soap solution is prepared so. On liter of water to take 30 g of ashes, to boil, to filter the cooled-down solution. To add grated laundry soap – 5 g then to stir everything. At defeats to spray seedling or plants 2 times a month or to do so for prevention.

At appearance of wreckers of plant to spray with this solution or to dust at dry weather, without wind.


Keep ashes in hermetically closed container. Plastic bags will approach if are deprived of holes. At moisture absorption, ashes lose many useful properties, the maintenance of microelements and potassium in it decreases.

When calculating it is recommended to use the following data: the teaspoon of ashes includes about 2 g, the dining room – 6 g, in glass – 200 g.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team