Ethnic features of style of country

Ethnic features of style of country

The main advantage of this style is simplicity and cosiness. For each country style the country, it can be the Swedish, English, American, French, German and Italian styles.

The Swedish style of country is characterized by light opaque color of walls and wooden floors. Furniture, as a rule, wooden and very simple, color white or beige. 

The English style of country is light, refined and elegant style. It is a lot of textiles and upholstered furniture. The used fabric, as a rule, has the flower drawing, more rare, but nevertheless apply plaid material. Basic colors - brown, red, green. Availability made old and the big sizes of furniture is obligatory. For decor use products from porcelain, on walls hang up pictures, on open shelves place frames with photos.

The French style of country is use of bright color gamma. The basis is formed by lavender, bright yellow, azure colors. Bright colors with the drawing of birds, animals and flowers are characteristic of textiles. Furniture is used from solid pine. Dining table, as a rule, rectangular shape, with benches. For decor use various hand-made articles from natural materials: the dried bouquets, wheat kidneys, wreaths. 

The American style of country - basic element of this style is availability of fireplace and open shelves over it. Furniture from natural breeds of tree, very simple in design, can be decorated with inserts from brass, bronze and copper. Dining table of oval form. The plaids, capes, blankets executed in the scrappy equipment. Decoration of floor skin of animal, and wall is decorated with horns.

The German style of country is characterized by reserved, accurate and pedantic interior. Feature is wood beams, rails, levels on walls and ceiling. Abundance of decor, shelves, butylochnitsa, shod products.

The Italian style of country is graceful style. Also golden colors are characteristic terracotta. Walls are very equal, can be painted or plastered. On floor there can be tile or tree. Glossy furniture visually easy and tiny. For kitchen the availability of panel from tile which is laid out at cooking surface is obligatory.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team