Fakhverkovy house: features, merits and demerits

Fakhverkovy house: features, merits and demerits

Today we want to be allocated, be unlike others. It concerns style, manner of behavior and even the dwelling. Many choose houses unusual now. The house built on new, fakhverkovy technology has unique exterior and has number of advantages before others.

Historical information

The word "framework" has come to us from Germany, "fach werk" — literally "construction from panels". The framework is used for a long time, not one century. The Japanese temple to which more 1300 is considered the oldest building built on this technology. In the European countries the framework began to be used since the 15th century. And such technology is especially widespread in Germany also today.

Technology features

This way of construction means construction of the framed-and-ledged house at which the main loading is undertaken by space section from diagonal beams from tree.

The framework can be filled with different materials. It can be materials clay adobe, polypropylene, sendvich-panels. At construction each component of design is processed in a special way to prolong the term of their service and to keep from influence of harmful factors. When laying filler of beam remain from outer side, it also does the house such unique.

Openwork and solid

Such construction method is used most often in the European countries. At us it is a little known. Why so? In order that to understand it, it is necessary to consider merits and demerits of such house in more detail.

The main advantage – fast construction. Timber frame construction of the house can be built in only 3 weeks. Several months will be required on the device of roof and glazing and also finishing. That is it is possible to receive the ready house for half a year.

Fakhverkovy houses cannot dampen, do not freeze through. They can be under construction even in the conditions of permafrost.

One more its advantage esthetic exterior. Such houses look rather soundly and magnificently. The Fakhverkovy house – symbol of safe European housing. Today construction of the turnkey fakverkovy house is very favorable. For a short time you can receive the ready house in which it is already possible to live.

As well as everything it has shortcomings: smaller life cycle, when changing heater arises need to sort covering. Shortcoming is also bad sound insulation.

Besides, such constructions at many are associated with dachas which are inexpensive in construction and service.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team