False eyelashes: how to paste them it is imperceptible

False eyelashes: how to paste them it is imperceptible

eyelashes – one of ways to make your make-up expressive, attracting attention. They can be used both on weekdays, and by preparation for any celebration or party, not without reason makeup artists practically always use this method in festive make-up. On sale there are many options of false eyelashes – from imitations natural to carnival with rhinestones and feathers.

It is required to you

  • - false eyelashes.


  1. Prepare glue for eyelashes, tweezers and wooden stick. You can apply glue which goes in set with eyelashes (usually white), and can buy special black glue which professionals use. Waterproof glue will be suitable for heavy eyelashes. If the bought eyelashes seem excessively long, cut them by means of small scissors.
  2. When gluing single cilia or their bunches, use tweezers to take eyelash and to lower its tip in glue. If you work with continuous eyelashes, accurately apply glue with wooden stick (or thin brush) on the strip basis with eyelashes. Before using it, squeeze out a little and wait until glue slightly dries up.
  3. The following step – gluing. Cover eye which you will make out. Put separate eyelashes to the line of growth of your own eyelashes, usually enough several pieces are closer to external corners of eyes. Continuous strips need also to be glued close to the natural line of growth, beginning from external corner of eye to internal. After have put strip, do not take away fingers at once, slightly press down the pasted ornament and wait several seconds. Hold off until glue grabs, you do not hurry to apply ink.
  4. You watch that eyelashes on both eyes looked symmetrically, compare corner of their inclination. It is important that they have been accurately pasted therefore do everything carefully. If you had not liked result, use professional tool for removal of make-up from eyes, false eyelashes will easily come unstuck. But do not try to tear off them, your own hairs so can suffer. Remember that false eyelashes can be used several times.
  5. Use means for make-up: shadows, pencil, eyeliner finally to hide your small cunning. Apply ink on eyelashes, and your image is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team