Fast repair: self-adhesive wall-paper

Fast repair: self-adhesive wall-paper

To issue design of walls, to improve them zvuko- and thermal insulation it is possible in only one day, without putting glue and efforts connected with it. It is possible to make fast repair by means of self-adhesive wall-paper, however they will look beautifully and expensively for a long time only in case of the correct mounting.

Self-adhesive wall-paper represents vinyl film on which rear side the adhesive layer is applied. The glue structure is protected by layer of smooth paper which protects it from drying and hit of dirt. The face side of wall-paper can be practically any, they can imitate various coverings.

Types of self-adhesive wall-paper

  • Glossy or opaque washing with the drawing, it is the best self-adhesive wall-paper for kitchen
  • The self-adhesive pith wall-paper differing in excellent warm and sound-proof qualities.
  • Wall-paper under tree imitating structure and color of wood.
  • The mirror film, is self-adhesive wall-paper for the bathroom or the hall
  • Imitation of textured plaster.
  • Self-adhesive photowall-paper, on fabric basis

How to glue self-adhesive wall-paper

It is necessary to glue self-adhesive film on smooth surface. Best of all such wall-paper keeps on the laminated, wooden, paper, painted surfaces. If after all there is need to issue the plastered wall, it should be progruntovat previously well. On other surfaces self-adhesive wall-paper can be glued without preparation that does repair by much faster. Rather dense wall-paper does not even demand preliminary alignment of wall — the film just stretches and itself levels it.

It is important to glue self-adhesive wall-paper without air bubbles. Unlike paper, the film does not pass air therefore they and will remain when glue dries. It is the most convenient to begin from below, gradually separating protective paper and ironing surface the roller. It is not necessary to bare all glue layer at once at all — the high probability of pasting of wall-paper among themselves and other unnecessary surfaces appears. If bubbles after all have arisen, they need to be pierced very thin needle and to iron diligently the roller.

For works with the smooth, not afraid of moisture surfaces (ceramic tile, plastic, oil paint) it is possible to use soapsuds. It should be spilled on wall, then to put wall-paper, and moisture allows to move them on surface, choosing the necessary situation. Then water will dry and wall-paper will be pasted tightly. Sometimes there is need to paste wall-paper on curved surfaces. It is possible to stretch vinyl film a little, heating by means of the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team