Fatseliya - useful flower for kitchen garden

Fatseliya - useful flower for kitchen garden

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Fatseliya is universal siderat as after her it is possible to grow up any vegetable cultures and flowers. Besides, she is unpretentious, forces out weeds, fine melliferous herb; improves structure of the soil and its structure and also frightens off some insects - wreckers. For one season it is capable to revitalize poor soil.


1. Crops on vegetable the gryadkifatseliya is frost-resistant and maintains frosts to -6 °C. Sow in soil in April as soon as snow descends. Loosen the soil with rake and make grooves. Crops are made on depth of 1-2 cm. Shoots appear within two weeks.

2. In May cut off fatseliya and close up green material to the soil. Through one - two weeks on this earth it is possible to sow any vegetable cultures and greens.

3. After harvesting, it is desirable within several hours (the soil damp so far) to carry out fatseliya reseeding. If till winter she manages to blossom - cut off greens and dig over with the soil.

4. Crops on strawberry gryadkiv May clean beds with strawberry and sow fatseliya. Make grooves of 2 cm in depth, spread out in them seeds and powder with the earth. When shoots of the siderat reach 10-15 cm in height, cut off them and use as mulch. Leave roots in the earth - they will rot through and will fertilize the soil and also in addition I drain it.

5. Crops for the general improvement of the soil for sezonproizvedita crops of seeds of fatseliya in April, right after snow descent by method of dispersion of seeds; then close up seeds to the soil by means of rake. Watering is not required.

6. Prior to blossoming cut off green material and dig over the earth the motor-block. In two weeks repeatedly sow fatseliya the site with the earth and in 1.5 months cut off the grown greens again. Make the third crops at the beginning of September. Greens will leave towards the winter, in case of blossoming - cut off. The next year the characteristics of the soil considerably will improve, its structure will become more friable.

7. Care for fatseliya is not difficult. At summer crops the watering is necessary there have not ascended sprouts and the first two weeks of growth yet. At spring and autumn crops the watering is not required. The fatseliya does not need fertilizing. Wreckers on siderat do not attack, on the contrary the fatseliya itself frightens off nematode.

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