Features of care for lawn from meadow grass meadow

Features of care for lawn from meadow grass meadow

If you want to decorate the site with smart "green carpet", pay attention to meadow grass meadow. It is unpretentious, resistant to temperature differences and perfectly will approach as lawn grass.

Description and characteristics of meadow grass meadow

The meadow grass meadow is the long-term winter culture relating to family of cereals. The plant forms equal dernina and beautiful, dense and uniform green grass sods.

Ideal conditions for growth of meadow grass meadow is fertile, friable and moderately damp soil. Often it can be seen on meadows and edges in zones of temperate climate.

Time of blossoming of meadow grass meadow – since the end of May until the beginning of July, and fructifies at the end of July – August. Flowers at plant in the form are similar to three-five-floral cones about 6 mm long.

The meadow grass meadow well transfers frosts and other adverse weather conditions.

Meadow grass meadow for decorative lawns

The unpretentiousness in leaving and beautiful exterior does meadow grass meadow by one of the most popular plants for landing of lawn.

Advantages of meadow grass meadow: large-scale of "vytaptyvayemost", dense cover and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

The main lack of meadow grass meadow - slow growth. Therefore it is often used together with other species of lawn herbs which grow more actively. Usually the meadow grass meadow is supplemented with fescue red or meadow, polevitsy pobegonosny and ryegrass.

At meadow grass meadow the creeping rhizomes which form large number of shoots. Thanks to it the meadow grass fills "bald spots" on lawns independently, dosev it is not required.

The meadow grass meadow not quickly grows. Completely plants develop only on the second or even third or fourth.

 Lawn grades of meadow grass meadow: Balin, Blugras, Panduro, SOBR, Connie.

The grade Balin differs in high endurance and early blossoming. The grass sods does not lose the bright green color even during the autumn and winter period. Often it is used for landing to sports and playgrounds.

Very dense green cover at meadow grass of meadow grade of Blugars. It well is suitable for places with unstable weather conditions.

 Feature of grade of Panduro is resistance to various diseases to which the meadow grass meadow is subject. Usually it is used for landing of lawns of sports and general purpose.

Connie is grade of meadow grass, slow-growing, resistant to wear, meadow. Because of vertical fouling of escapes of dernin it is formed by quite dense. This grade is almost not subject to different diseases.

The meadow grass meadow grades of SOBR is well combined with fescue reed. As a result the lawn turns out uniform and resistant to drought. It is used for rolled lawns and also for lawns of the general and sports purpose.

Rules of care for lawn from meadow grass meadow

The good lawn depends on the correct crops. For a start it is necessary to pave the way for crops: to remove all weeds, to dig over the earth, to level, condense soil and then to loosen the soil approximately on 2-3 centimeters.  

Chemical herbicides (Raundap) apply to more effective removal of weeds.

The recommended quantity of seeds – 40 grams on 1 m². It is necessary to plant seeds on depth of two millimeters. It is the most convenient to do it by means of the special lawn seeder.

The first weeks after crops the lawn needs daily abundant watering. Important: within several weeks after landing on lawn it is impossible to go. Regular fertilizing and fertilizer will do your lawn only good.

Standard care for lawn:

  • in March the visual examination and elimination of obvious roughnesses is necessary;
  • in April, mineral fertilizers are introduced;
  • in May it is necessary to remove dry leaves and to tonsure lawn;
  • in June the repeated hairstyle and alignment of borders of lawn covering is made;
  • in July and August, waterings, fertilizing and hairstyle are as necessary carried out.

Preparation for winter is carried out to the autumn period. The spoiled sites are removed, and it is made having sat down lawn.

After hairstyle lawn height meadow is about 4 mm of meadow grass. The grass quite evenly grows. The meadow grass prefers solar places and fertile soils. However it well transfers late frosts and severe winters, is drought-resistant. But in the summer better after all it is abundant to water lawn that the grass was more bright and juicy color.

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