Features of design of small-sized kitchen

Features of design of small-sized kitchen

In typical city high-rise buildings of kitchen of many apartments have absolutely insignificant sizes. Therefore the equipment of the kitchen room often is represented difficult task. But professional designers managed to solve it by means of various receptions which allow to turn small kitchen into the cozy room and to visually increase space.

Opportunities and options of creation of interior of small kitchen

Before beginning to create design of small kitchen, well think over possible receptions and cunnings for re-planning and expansion of the room. Perhaps, will seem the best exit from current situation to you merging of kitchen with balcony or another, the room adjoining to it. In that case you will have much more scope for imagination and the new interesting ideas. Besides, then you should not consider that moment that transfer gazo- and water supply, walls requires coordination with appropriate authorities.

Combination of kitchen with corridor is considered quite successful reception which expands visually the area. For implementation of this idea it is necessary to remove the door conducting in corridor, and to finish ceilings and walls in both rooms in uniform color gamma. Ideally here stretch ceilings harpoon will fit in. They will visually unite both rooms in single whole. Besides, you can just remove door, without uniting at the same time corridor and kitchen, and just to expand door opening. It is also possible to establish, if desired, compartment door, or door accordion, or just to rearrange it on other party (that the door did not open towards kitchen).

If you like the cozy small apartment such what it is, and you do not want anything cardinally to change, try to expand space of kitchen visually. For example, by means of use of light tones in finishing, objects of design and situation. At the same time use of bright color accents in decoration of separate elements of interior is allowed. Besides, very important role is played here by correctly picked up lighting. This moment concerns as well daylight. It is not desirable to close windows blinds or curtains of dark colors, instead use the most transparent elements which are well passing sunlight. Select all textiles only light tones. Ideal option – combination of two flowers. But it is no more as then the effect of diversity will appear. Also it is not desirable to use large patterns and drawings.

It is especially important to remember it during the choice of wall-paper and other various objects for interior.

Furniture for small kitchen

The right choice of furniture for kitchen with small area is capable to turn small-sized interior into quite functional and harmonious space. For small kitchen it is better to choose furniture with glossy surface. It will allow to create additional effect of more free and not conspirational space. It will be very good to look the furniture from glass equipped not with bulky plastic or metal elements. The glass dining table with metal legs in your kitchen, for example, will create illusion of free space, zero gravity. It is better to give preference to table form with round edges: oval or round. So he will take less places. Besides, pay attention to the various mobile and transformed furnishings. Various sliding and folding tables will allow to expand the useful area of small kitchen. In addition, it is better to give preference to small household appliances. If you, for example, not really often prepare, to you there will probably be quite enough cooking panel with two rings. And the compact sink, thanks to the bigger depth, on the functions almost will not give way big at all. By the way, you can buy large chopping board and, operev it on edges of sink, receive additional working surface. One more cunning allowing to increase table-top of small kitchen consists in reception of association of kitchen working surface, popular among many designers, with windowsill. Some are sure that the small kitchen automatically assumes as well small size furniture. This opinion is wrong. In such kitchen it is also possible to put massive home decoration, just their quantity will be limited. Very successful reception is installation of high cabinet, so-called "case". It allows to make ceiling visually higher. Choosing complete kitchen for small kitchen space, special attention should be paid on the mezzanines equipped with regiments. On the shelves located on the highest point you will be able to store in wall cabinets, for example, the kitchen utensils or products which you use not really often. At installation of furniture you watch that between cabinets there was no blank space left. It is the best of all to fill similar emptiness with narrow curbstones or regiments on sliding framework. Will store in them very conveniently kitchen towels, bottles with oil and vinegar or various household washing and cleansers. At arrangement of kitchen space you remember that each shelf and each locker have to have the correctly, in terms of rationality, application.

For example, near plate and washing by reasonable will store pans, frying pans and other kitchen ware for cooking.

Following this advice, you will be able to create quite functional and very harmonious interior in the kitchen of the small size. Actually, as not surprisingly, and small-sized kitchens, at the correct approach to their registration, than do not concede on beauty, cosiness and comfortable use to the big fellows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team