Features of pith laminate

Features of pith laminate

Pith laminate – the modern floor covering which is ideal for the children's room or the bedroom. Thanks to cellular structure, natural origin, special production techniques pith floor has set of advantages before any other material and has no analogs even among synthetic coverings.

The stopper for laminate is got from the pith oak growing in the territory of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Tunisia and other countries of the Mediterranean and North Africa. Time in 10 years it acquires bark which can be removed, without having done to tree any harm. The unique structure of stopper causes its surprising qualities. About 40 million tiny 14-faced cells are the share of each cubic centimeter, each of which is filled with gaseous substance, between them there are cellulose partitions. In fact, each cell is the insulator of sound and heat and also depreciation spring.

Properties of pith covering

- water tightness; - elasticity;

- ease; - hypoallergenicity; - good warm and sound insulation; - ability to extinguish vibration and fluctuations; - resistance to friction and wear; - environmental friendliness.

Thanks to special characteristics floor from pith tree is ideal for the rooms demanding silence and cosiness. Such covering is frequent it is applied in children's rooms, bedrooms and also movie theaters and recording studios. Pith laminate pushes away dust, does not grow mouldy and does not decay, differs in antistatic and bactericidal properties. Thanks to moisture impermeability it can be used also in bathrooms, shower. Pith floor leaves unforgettable feeling at once, at the first touch. It easily springs underfoot, reducing load of joints and backbone. To the touch heat-insulated floor even if it is indoors cool. Does not form static electricity, unlike the majority of synthetic materials therefore it is always pleasant to touch floor.

Structure of pith laminate

Pith laminate – the quality modern covering conforming to the European EN428, EN427, EN433, EN685, EN660 standards. It is produced in the form of boards of different length and width, with lock connection "thorn groove". Thanks to such system of locks even not the professional builder who has taught to collect floor according to video online can mount floor - it is possible to sort design to three times. It favourably distinguishes pith laminate from tile which demands much more time and experience for laying.

It is important that "lock" has been processed by water-repellent mastic, otherwise the covering will be suitable only for rooms with low humidity.

The base layer of covering from stopper represents the pressed crushed stopper. Further there is interlayer from the wood dust mixed with special pitches – the this layer is thicker, the board is heavier and stronger. As the third layer the stopper 1 mm thick is also used. The front layer finishes design, it can be decorative interline interval from valuable breeds of tree, saw cuts of bark, the pressed granulated cork, combination of crumb and pieces of interline interval, etc. The top layer is covered with vinyl or varnish thanks to what laminate abrasion resistance indexes improve. Sometimes the design means additional covering after laying. To provide water-proofing before laying use thin substrate 2 mm thick from the pressed stopper – agglomerate and also polyethylene film.

How to choose pith laminate

Buying good pith laminate for the house or office, it is necessary to pay attention to the producer. Third of all plantations of pith oak is in Portugal, the largest producer in the world – the Amorim Group company which is uniting dozens of the enterprises and setting the quality standards. Products of this brand under the name of Wicanders are most known. Also large producers are in Spain, Italy, France, Tunisia, Algeria, for example, Ibercork, Corkart, Marmoleum, Maestro Club, Corkstyle. Finish floor coats from stopper are manufactured in Poland, Spain, China. If there is opportunity before buying sexual covering, it is necessary to check pith plates. For this purpose it is necessary to open two different packs, to take from everyone plate and to compare. They have to be absolutely identical, adjoin densely to each other, without slots and gaps. The good laminatny board is distinguished by accurate cuts, smooth uniform rear side without any visible additives, accurate geometry.

Care for pith floor

Thanks to varnish or vinyl covering, pith laminate is not afraid of damp cleaning, it can be wiped with well squeezed out rag or sponge, to clean with the washing vacuum cleaner. Metal brushes, abrasive means for removal of gross contaminations can do harm and scratch protective layer. It is necessary to use special means for care for laminate.

Oil and greasy stains effectively are removed normal means for washing of ware, and gross contaminations can be removed with abrasive paper, having varnished the damaged place.

Despite high strength of flooring from stopper, long loading can negatively affect its smoothness. On thin legs of furniture it is recommended to naklevat the felt circles protecting covering from abrasion and deformation. You should not go on pith floor on thin pins or to stack the rubberized rugs – they can leave nondeducible dark stains.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team