Fertilizing of potatoes in June-July

Fertilizing of potatoes in June-July

Well fertilized earth with the sufficient maintenance of humus can yield rich harvest. For increase in fertility the gardeners try to carry out fertilizing in time.

For receiving harvest from the potato field it is necessary to study rules of care for culture.

As it is possible to increase fertility of the earth

That potato well was born, the potato field has to receive the correct processing. Good results are brought by addition of organic chemistry. At gradual peregnivaniye of organic additives in soil there is its saturation by nutrients. Active loosening of the earth, introduction of additives from humus, mowed grass and leaves is useful.

In the fall, after harvesting, deep loosening of the field is carried out. At the same time from it delete vegetable garbage – tops of vegetable and stalks, scatter additives. It is possible to seed white mustard. It is desirable to carry out such works to the middle of September – later the effect of their performance decreases. The seeded siderata will manage to ascend before frosts. In the spring of plant will pereprevat under snow cover, at the same time the earth receives substances necessary for it.

Fertilizing of potato after shoots

The first time potatoes it is necessary to feed up in June when bushes slightly grow up. After earthing up, furrows in which fertilizing is brought are formed. Good results can be received, applying mineral and organic matters:

  • The infusion prepared from chicken dung
  • The fertilizer prepared from weeds
  • Liquid mineral fertilizing

For preparation of vegetable fertilizer it is possible to use celandine, nettle, dandelion, grass "shepherd's bag", wood louse.

Fertilizing according to leaf of potatoes

At the end of June the gardeners carry out extra root fertilizing. During this time potato is going to blossom. Until on plants there were first flowers, carry out special spraying. Most often apply carbamide, or urea to preparation of fertilizer – substance is dissolved in water, by 60 g on 10 l.

Use the garden spray to processing. It is desirable to carry out the procedure in the evening, at not hot sun.

When to feed up potatoes last time during the season

After blossoming of potatoes has terminated, bushes begin to be closed. Because of it it is difficult to move on rows, earthing up cannot be carried out already. During this period there is forming of tubers. To improve development of underground part of plant, fertilizing is carried out by potash and phosphoric fertilizers. After rain it is useful to bring in row-spacings of granule of superphosphate, potash saltpeter.

At dry weather the special effect of such fertilizers will not be. In this case granules bring before carrying out earthing up. When the soil begins to be displaced, the scattered particles are poured to the lower part of plant. Gradually fertilizers are acquired and feed tubers.

In August it is not required to introduce additional fertilizers.

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