Fight against Colorado beetle

Fight against Colorado beetle

Each summer resident dreams to get rid of Colorado beetle who eats not only potatoes, but also young plants of eggplants and tomatoes. It is hard to struggle with this wrecker, but it is quite possible.

General information

Larvae and adult individuals of Colorado beetle eat stalks and leaves of potatoes, pepper, tomatoes, eggplants and other plants. Appetite at these wreckers serious. As soon as there are first shoots of plants, bugs at once begin to be slipped and in one day can destroy all greens. Therefore it is important not to allow Colorado beetles to breed and go for the winter to the earth. There are several ways of fight against this wrecker and if folk remedies do not help, it is always possible to use insecticides.

Folk remedies of fight against Colorado beetle

The most primitive but also very labor-consuming way of fight is stryakhivaniye of bugs from bushes. Having surveyed each bush manually, it is possible besides removal of bugs, to get rid also of their eggs which are usually attached to the lower part of leaves. In bucket gather salt water, take broom. Further you go and bend down each bush over bucket, shaking wreckers by means of broom. Just tear off leaves with eggs and throw into bucket. Destroy the caught wreckers in any way. This method will reduce quantity of bugs significantly, but there is too much work and time borrows.

It is possible to use baits significantly to reduce quantity of Colorado beetles on the site. There were no first shoots yet, drive cans of the small sizes in the earth, place in them a little cut potato. The caught wreckers should be destroyed every day.

Wood ashes will be the excellent assistant in fight against bugs. Sprinkle potato bushes with ashes. It is the best of all to do it on dew that ashes have stuck to leaves. It is possible to use infusion instead. It is possible to make it as follows: Mix 300 g of wormwood with boiled water, add glass of ashes and you hold 3 hours. Filter the received mix and then spray with it bushes. Two days later there will be neither adult individuals, nor larvae of Colorado beetle. It is possible to fight against the second wave of wreckers in the same way.

Well infusion from shell and leaves of walnut helps to destroy Colorado beetle. Till fall it is necessary to collect dry leaves of walnut and to take them till spring in the reliable place. Further, a month before appearance of bugs to wet leaves in water. Will be enough on 2 kilograms of leaves of 10 liters of water. Infusion before use is twice filtered.

The Colorado beetle does not take out various smells. Therefore it is possible to plant garlic, nasturtium, calendula near potatoes bushes. The same frightening-off effect on wreckers is rendered also by bean.

Fight against Colorado beetle by means of insecticides

If appearance of Colorado beetles has gained mass character, it is necessary to use various toxic chemicals. Processing of plants is carried out in that case to windless weather in the evening or in the morning. In the course of use of insecticides it is impossible to smoke, eat and drink. Having stopped applying medicine, it is necessary to replace everything clothes and to take shower.

Toxic chemicals spray the special spray and do not do it by means of broom at all. Use of the special device for dispersion increases efficiency of medicine by 10 times. There are two types of the insecticides applied against Colorado beetle: chemical and biological origin. It is possible to carry Colorado to medicines of biological origin, Akarin, Bitoksibatsillin, Fitoverm, Novodor. Other medicines presented at the market, including Prestige and Aktar, are chemical. It means that it is necessary to do everything only according to the instruction on packing and not to eat tubers before the specified term.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team