Flowers for winter bouquet

Flowers for winter bouquet

Amateur flower growers should think of winter already now and to plant at themselves on the site dried flowers which can be dried. And they will remind in the winter of bright and multi-colored summer. It is better to grow up those plants which dry in the natural way, keeping thus color.

Gipsofila long-term - ""air"" plant with uncountable small flowers which give to bouquet azhurnost and grace. Very much loves that the sun lit it all day long. Breeds seeds and division of roots in the spring. Blossoms in August-September. It is one winter better to cover roots with leaves or coniferous branches.

Lunary (lunar probe) - biannual plant. After blossoming (the dark lilac flowers similar to wild orchid) on stalks fruits in the form of oval flat pods very quickly grow. At the beginning of September the stalks cut off. After the plant dries up, shutters are removed. Seeds use for landing for the next year. And on stalk there are partitions of pods of nacreous color which decorate flower.

Zhemchuzhnitsa - perennial plant, with large number of the white flowers similar to chrysanthemums. When drying the flowers remain white. Cut off for drying in June-July. It is better to make multiple copies division of root.

Gelikhrizum (immortelle) - beautiful flowers of various coloring, from light yellow to dark red. Even when flowers still grow on the street, apparently, that they have already dried up. Cut off them semi-dismissed on sunny day. Breed seeds in the spring. Very much will decorate any flower bed.

These are only several flowers which can be used for winter bouquets. Remarkably the dried-up hydrangea inflorescences, clematises look.

Drawing up bouquet in dark autumn day from in advance prepared flowers will bring you a lot of pleasure, and that to whom you present them, huge joy. It is piece of summer in your house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team