Flue mounting modes

Flue mounting modes

The flue is simple on design. However the quality of draft, but also possibility of its emergence depends on correctness of its assembly and accuracy of mounting not just. Not seldom the people who do not have skill undertake mounting, consequences, as a rule, are deplorable – room smoke, excessive extent of burning, surplus of waste in the idea of dense ashes, soot and so forth.

The principle of work of traditional flue is rather simple. Through it the products allocated in the course of burning are removed at the expense of natural draft: products of burning have high temperature and, forcing out cold air, rise up. However, contrary to the seeming simplicity of design, assembly and mounting of flue demand the high accuracy and observance of all construction standards. The fact is that in use the flue experiences critical strain, it is influenced by not only high temperatures, but also the increased humidity and acids - by-product of combustion of organic types of fuel. Mistakes when mounting flue can lead to hit to premises of products of burning, to smoke and even the fire.

Types of mounting

There are two main mounting modes of flue: internal and external. Internal mounting of flue means carrying out smoke channels in internal rooms: at partitions and along walls. The flue is removed outside through interfloor overlappings and roof by means of branch pipes through passage. External mounting is usually applied if necessary to carry out flue to already ready construction. All vertical sites of flue are mounted on outer side of the building by means of special brackets, warmed, removed through wall.

Staging of mounting

The pipe for flue should be selected proceeding from the recommendations of the producer of the heating equipment.

Regardless of mounting mode, begin it with installation of the heating equipment - fireplace, boiler. Then mounting of flue is made. At this stage it is extremely important to pick up flue pipe diameter correctly. If the pipe diameter does not correspond to the power of the most heating equipment, process of conclusion of products of burning will take place with violation of technology. One more key factor is correctly picked up flue height. Connection of heating appliance to flue is carried out by means of the feature connector. Joint has to be airtight. Channels of flue, both at internal, and at external mounting are laid along partitions and walls. Length of horizontal pieces of flue should not exceed meter, the fastenings fixing channels of flue have to be located not further two meters from each other.

Feature connectors for mounting of flue it is T-couplers, pipes or knee. They have to have good connection and material, resistant to temperature.

It is important to understand that observance of rules of mounting of flue is basis of safety of premises therefore it is necessary to follow technical standards of installation strictly.

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