For what use haydite

For what use haydite

Haydite – clay material which is received artificially from bellied clay of average roasting. The main use of haydite is construction, but it is still used for dressing of flowerpots and also as drainage element.

Haydite has appearance of gravel or crushed stone as it is made by roasting of clay breeds in special furnaces at temperature of 1200-1400 degrees. Actually, haydite in the natural form in the nature does not meet, it is product of processing of clay breeds.

Types of material

There are three main fractions of material, these are 5-10 mm, 10-20 mm, 20-40 mm. Seldom the brand from 150 to 800 mm in size meets. Also ceramsite gravel of 5-40 mm in size which is applied by production of light cement is used, it has no harmful additives and therefore it can be used for concreting of heat-insulating walls in houses.

Advantages of haydite: - at preparation of concrete solutions, haydite increases volume, without increasing at the same time the mass of solution; - has resistance to the atmospheric phenomena, such as rain, frosts, at the same time does not change the qualities; - has fire-resistant properties that allows to use it as isolation in houses. Haydite - one of the few eco-friendly materials, in type of the fact that it is made of natural natural minerals, without addition of any additives. It is not subject to biological decomposition (rotting).


Ceramsite gravel is also used at construction of houses as adding for the base, in type of the fact that it has high frost-resistant qualities and is almost not afraid of water. The truth at the same time the cost of the base raises, bellied clay of average fraction is more expensive than gravel. But at its use depth of laying of the foundation goes down, without changing at the same time quality and ability to maintain loadings. Haydite can be used for thermal insulation and noise isolation. Fill up with it various ceiling overlappings. It is easy therefore it does not increase load of walls and the base, besides it perfectly absorbs noise. For this reason fill up with haydite cavities of walls in quality shumo- and thermal insulations of rooms. Material is used and at construction of buildings on TISE technology as parent material for thermal insulation. Among other things, haydite is applied to adding heating mains in houses, and sometimes to adding the main heating mains which are laid in concrete boxes, there haydite is applied as thermal insulation, to reduction of losses by transfer of heat energy. In houses it is possible to fill up with haydite the entering communications in order to avoid their freezing during the winter period of time.

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