Formoplast: how to make the hands

Formoplast: how to make the hands

Formoplast is the plasticized PHV-weight which consists of softener, PVC-pitch and stearate of calcium. On exterior formoplast is jellylike mass of brown or dark yellow color in the form of small pieces or blocks. Different production forms which maintain big temperatures, and also soaking are made of the formoplast. In the subsequent of such forms it is possible to cast various cement or plaster products.

It is required to you

  • cable, winding, aluminum emkst, dibutyl phthalate


1. Prepare several high-voltage two or three-conductor cables which can be found on dump, in places of buying up of metals or at the plant on production of cables. Get braids of white or black color. The braid and cable are made of plastic therefore it is possible to find it at the relevant plant or in the construction market. The braid is the most acceptable as forms from it turn out qualitative, waterproof, durable and strong from which it is possible to cast not only plaster castings, but also cement and sand solution. Prepare dibutyl phthalate – special liquid of yellowish color which can be got in household shop or at the plant on production of cable.

2. Wash braid or according to cable with hot water and cut them on small pieces (approximately, on 3 cm).

3. Prepare aluminum capacity for cooking and spoon from the same metal. You remember, it is not necessary to take capacity from other material as your mix will stick to walls, and hardly you will achieve desirable result.

4. Place 800 gr cables or braid in form for melting, add 1 liter of dibutyl phthalate. Put on respirator and include extract.

5. Prepare the container with lubricating oil, on couple of which our product will cook. Put capacity on normal elektrplita.

6. Insert into the container with oil aluminum pan with braid. Bring to boiling, gradually stirring slowly with aluminum spoon. In case there is adhesion and sticking of substance, add to capacity little by little dibutyl phthalate. It is possible to do it only if necessary.

7. You cook at temperature not less than 125 degrees about 7 hours. Bubbles have to disappear completely. By sight formoplast has to resemble plastic. It is necessary to know that temperature when melting it is not necessary to increase more than 140 degrees as it can lead to substance razlaganiye.

8. Filter the turned-out weight through copper mesh No. 2. It needs to be made in order that lumps if they are available, have been eliminated.

9. Fill in the melted liquid in the form which is in advance prepared from sand, let's stiffen. Formoplast it is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team