Fountain, aquarium or falls: what to choose for the house

Fountain, aquarium or falls: what to choose for the house

Any person who is engaged in arrangement of the house wishes to introduce in it some highlight, to decorate interior with something refined and unusual. The fountain, aquarium or falls can become such ornament. Question only in what to choose.

All of us at the word "fountain" imagine something grandiose and, naturally, expensive. But now the fountain is already not sign of luxury at all. Different firms offer wide choice of fountains, including room. Some of them quite will be suitable by the sizes for the smallest room. But the effect of such fountain will be not such, as from fountain diameter at least in meter. So if there is choice between fountain and falls, then it is better to choose nevertheless for the small room falls, for the house with the big hall or the hall – fountain.

Fountains are quite useful: they humidify and refresh indoors air, and pleasant murmur affects the person soothingly. As for exterior then it is possible not to limit the imagination. The choice of fountains is huge: material, form, color and even availability of some music.

If the room small, then in it is better to place falls. Certainly, falls are big too, they can be established in the hall. But in general the falls borrow much less the place, than fountain so it is better to establish it in the small room. If the fountain is something transparent and flying, then the falls will give to the room mysteriousness, in combination with dark shades in interior – association with confidential cave which will be suitable for the hall in the big house.

Materials of which falls make can be the most various: metal, stone, even glass. The amount of styles of execution is high, the falls can even be appropriate in the house which is executed in ultramodern style. If you love living creatures and agree to look after it, then the aquarium with small fishes will become good decoration of interior. Rectangular small aquariums, usual for us, have sunk into oblivion. They were succeeded by aquariums of various forms, they can even be built in walls, and sometimes to use instead of walls. Exotic small fishes and underwater plants of surprising beauty will become true decoration of the house. But it is necessary to understand that inhabitants of aquarium and the aquarium requires much bigger leaving and attention, than falls or fountain which are required to be established, connected only correctly. The aquarium is more traditional part of interior in the house, but it can turn with ease into the real shame for owners: unlike falls and fountains, water in aquarium stands, it should be cleaned regularly, and – to feed small fishes. So, getting aquarium, it is necessary to realize that this element of interior requires regular care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team