Frequent errors of make-up

Frequent errors of make-up

always want to look attractively. But sometimes make serious mistakes in drawing make-up, because of it shortcomings become more noticeable and worsen appearance. From mistakes nobody is insured, but the councils given in this article will help to avoid misses.

 Bad lighting

 Doing make-up at electric lighting, it is worth looking as it will look at day lighting.  


 Because of too frequent washing skin becomes overdried therefore similar procedures should be carried out as seldom as possible.

 Excess of liquid foundation

 The basis is applied to hide skin shortcomings. It is absolutely optional to put it on all face but only on cheeks or under eyes. It is important to pick up carefully the shade suitable as much as possible tone of skin.


 Helps to hide shadows and darkenings on face. Incorrectly chosen shade can spoil make-up. According to makeup artists, the concealer should be chosen on half-tone is lighter than natural tone of skin. Will be able to disguise dark circles the concealer of green shade corporal will not be suitable for this purpose. The plamper and gloss will help to make lips more volume.

 Lipstick and liner

 When putting lipstick the planimetric pencil surely is required. It is important to pick up color correctly. By means of planimetric pencil it is possible to outline mouth beautifully. The light shade of lipstick in combination with dark pencil will look too vulgarly. Dark lipstick and light pencil visually do lips less.

 Eye shadow

 The surplus of shadows is done by the person is more senior. The most unsuccessful shade is blue. Such shadows seldom to whom suit.


 Owners of swarty skin perfectly will suit black eyeliner. And women with other tsvetotip will suit brown eyeliner more. It is better not to bring lower eyelids at all.


 Strongly made up eyelashes with lumps look inaccurately. It is enough to put eyelashes in 2 layers. At first the first is put, then it is necessary to wait and put the second a little. If to put two layers at once, they will stick together.

 It is necessary to change ink every three months as on it bacteria often accumulate and further application can do harm to eyes.


 It is not necessary to cover all face bronzaty. It is enough to apply of it only on cheekbones, forehead, chin.


 Because of powder the person can look much more senior. It is capable to allocate wrinkles therefore it is aged better for women to do without it.

 Too long nails

 It is inconvenient to carry such nails. Short and well-groomed nails look accurately and do not give inconvenience to the owner.


 It is important not to go too far in perfume. The smell has to be light and unostentatious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team