Front stucco molding: registration and design

Front stucco molding: registration and design

The front stucco molding allows to decorate exterior of the house effectively. It can imitate brickwork and even tree. But most often by means of stucco molding the decorator decorates walls with the image of the most various elements and pictures, supporting and finishing the general style of the building.

The front stucco molding represents ornament on building walls, frame at windows, colons. This ornament is carried out in the set style with use of recognizable elements: ornaments, curls, images of plants, animals, people and even the whole finished plots.

Similar elements of decor are applied since Ancient Rome. Modern technologies allow to create registration without expensive and heavy materials (marble and natural stone). With artificial materials from polystyrene, polimerbeton, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene, etc. the stucco molding is created much quicker and it turns out durable, easy, resistant to adverse factors.

Options for registration the set exists stucco molding of facade of the house. Usually they are separated to destination: for walls, doors, ladder, porch, frame of windows, etc. Mark out with stucco molding number of storeys, finish house corners, create bas-reliefs and columns.

Depending on assignment for registration of facade widespread elements of front stucco molding are used:

  • Arches, eaves, capitals, moldings. Similar elements decorate door and window openings. Elements usually have no difficulties in installation therefore mounting can be executed with own hand.
  • Columns, pilasters. Usually they are established at entrance, decorate open large-size balconies. To one, but more often they have to rest two ends against surface and almost are never equipped on wall in the suspended look. It is desirable to mount these elements to experts.
  • Bas-reliefs. Are used as registration of upper part of door cloth at entrance, front wall surface of the second and third floor. Mounting works do not demand professional skills and a lot of time, by means of the assistant they can be executed the hands.
  • Hand-rail. Are established on ladder near outer front doors. The similar type of stucco molding is made only of concrete. The qualified master has to mount this ornament.

Also the following elements of front stucco molding can be applied to registration:

  • rail-posts,
  • bassazh,
  • consoles,
  • slopes,
  • semi-columns,
  • openwork friezes.

When choosing design of registration by stucco molding of wall surface of facade consider the bearing characteristics of walls. If facades not really reliable, it is necessary to use light foam material for stucco molding. The brickwork allows to choose any stucco molding at will.

Today the most popular options of design front stucco molding are provided by Baroque styles, classicism and modernist style. Ornament in any of them will add registration of country house, will make its look more majestic, complete and refined.

Baroque is the embodiment of surrealism and contrast. Similar rather unusual design of facade of the house is preferred most often by fans of art. Generally at such style of registration the architects use columns and arches. The stucco molding creates imperceptible illusion of transitions where part of scenery can merge very smoothly with building wall. This rather difficult style for registration of facade characterizes:

  • illusiveness,
  • complexity of lines,
  • the expressed emotionality,
  • smoothness of transitions.

The design of facade stucco molding in modernist style is one of the most popular options. Here the various materials imitating irregular shapes are used. Traditionally modernist style in architecture is considered the adherent of vegetable motives who is not using corners and straight lines.

Ornaments on the basis of natural forms are characteristic of style: curved stalks, leaves, lobes, curls of the plants and hair perfectly suitable for decoration of columns and entrance arches. This style allows builders to use various materials and their combinations.

In addition, the style is characterized by beauty and esthetics. The modernist style allows to create unusual designs and facades, but is suitable for people creative more, possessing broad views, not afraid new and unusual.

The art style classicism is based on regularity of planning and clearness of volume form. The following characteristic features are inherent to classicism:

  • symmetric and axial compositions;
  • expensive quality materials (natural wood, plaster, stone);
  • restraint of decorative registration;
  • antique ornament, lacunar arch;
  • round and ridge columns, pilasters;
  • jewelry in the form of the finished sculptures.

The prevailing colors in classicism saturated: pink, green, purple with gold accent, blue. Frequent elements of style – bas-relief in round medallion, the smooth drawing, it is quite often possible to see statues on portals (lions, sphinxes, etc.), rotundas.

When using this style the architect has to maintain the clearness and geometrizm of forms surely. Lines are used strict vertical and horizontal with obligatory symmetry. The designs created on facade irrespective of the applied material have to make impression of massiveness, monumentalism and stability. Most often for this purpose rectangular or arch compositions approach. Door and window openings are carried out in modest rectangular registration with considerable lengthening up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team