Furniture for garden: what material to choose

Furniture for garden: what material to choose

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Correctly picked up furniture is capable to change garden instantly. But when choosing often there are questions: as far as furniture is steady whether it will fade how will transfer temperature drops whether will crack or will not decay? Any material which is used for production of garden furniture has the advantages and shortcomings what to give preference to?

Garden furniture from plastic

Plastic is considered the most budgetary material. Garden furniture from it compact and easy, it can be transferred from place to place, to wash from hose. Modern technologies allow to make the plastic furniture imitating other materials – stone, tree, rod. But it is necessary to remember that plastic burns out in the sun, furniture can become covered by scratches and for the winter it always needs to be stored in the room.

Wooden garden furniture

Such furniture will be pleasant to those who love all natural and natural. Tree furniture eco-friendly, at the correct leaving it is durable, and when using quality wood by production is capable to sustain nature whims. Not only wood, but also accessories, and protecting cover has to be qualitative. As a rule, the wooden furniture for garden in the course of production is processed by the special medicines protecting from rotting, in addition it is covered with the paints and varnishes resistant to precipitation and other atmospheric phenomena. That the garden tree furniture served long, it is regularly recommended to be updated – to varnish or tint. If furniture mobile, for the winter or during incessant rains it it is better to transfer to the shelter.

Shod furniture for garden

Shod furniture differs in universality and fits practically into any design. It is not deformed, does not lose exterior as it is covered with corrosion-resistant coating. But it is necessary to consider that weight of furniture will lead to the fact that legs can deeply go to soft soil therefore it is desirable to place shod furniture on the paved or asphalted platforms. Still it is necessary to consider that in the sun the furniture from metal becomes literally heated, and in cold weather – ice therefore it is necessary to provide removable coverings which can be removed during rain and for the winter.

Rotangovy furniture for garden

Rattan – material graceful, but very whimsical. Temperature drops and beams of the sun can lead to deformation. As an alternative it is possible to buy artificial rattan furniture at the heart of which aluminum framework.

Furniture for garden from stone

Stone furniture is monumental, beautiful and solid. The ornamental thread can give it special chic. Giving preference to stone furniture, it is necessary to think over how to enter it in design as most organically it looks in luxurious mansions. As well as in case with metal, for stone furniture it is necessary to provide removable seats.

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