Galvanized iron: characteristics, assignment

Galvanized iron: characteristics, assignment

Galvanized iron – irreplaceable swore for covering of roofs, construction of protections, overlappings, floorings. It is suitable for facing of buildings, construction of facilities of agricultural purpose. Material differs in durability, wear resistance, maintains the raised mechanical loadings and adverse weather conditions.

Iron galvanized and sphere of its application

This material is widely used in the industry. Do ware, various devices, container of standard sheet. Special distribution has received iron in construction. It goes for production of roofs, partitions, overlappings, wall constructions and their facings. The normal and painted galvanized leaf is suitable for roofing works. The first is applied to creation of roofs with small bias, the second is almost universal.

One more range of application – construction of modular and folding constructions, fencings, agricultural objects (towers for silo, bunkers, granaries). The painted galvanized sheets are suitable for facing of buildings, mounting of trenches and drains.

Broad use of galvanized iron is caused by its qualities: resistance to corrosion, mechanical damages, the increased density moderated by the price. Specialized coatings expand possibilities of material. The painted galvanized leaf looks quite presentably and is used plant louses of house construction.

Characteristics of material  

As raw materials for production of galvanized iron serves the carbon holodnokatny rolled steel. Quality of raw materials and final material are strictly regulated. According to GOST 16523-89 width of leaf varies from 710 to 1800 mm, thickness does not exceed 2.5 mm, but lower than 0.5 mm do not fall.

Steel is divided into 3 classes, depending on coating thickness it is designated by letter "P" (40-60 microns), digits "1" (18-40 microns), "2" (10-18 microns). The combination of letters of "HS" marks steel of cold forming. Sheets of galvanized steel can be normal, deep or especially deep extract.

At production steel sheet is annealed by method of cold setup, then the first layer of zinc covering is applied on it. The last stage – bathtub with the melted zinc. Multistage preparation provides the raised corrosion protection and durability of material. At production, zinc with marking of "Ts0" and "Ts1" is used. Other metals also are added to bathtub for final processing: aluminum, lead. The preservation increasing protective qualities of top layer is possible.

The galvanized leaf can become covered with the powder paints resistant to moisture. In places of bends, small cracks on all length are admissible. After mounting the galvanized sheets can be covered with opaque acrylic paint or enamel with additional anticorrosive components. Preliminary primer is not required. The coat of paint will protect surface from precipitation, temperature drops, direct sunshine, dust and other pollution. As a result products will serve longer and will not demand repair.

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