Garden blueberry: landing, leaving and reproduction

Garden blueberry: landing, leaving and reproduction

Blue berry with sweet-sour taste – the real decoration of the site. But admire it not only for blue shade, but also for advantage. Regularly to reap rich crop of blueberry, it is necessary to show consideration for it at landing stage since plant quite capricious. How to look after blueberry?

Types of blueberry set. Meet and not cultivated types, it is easy to determine them by growth – they are quite low and reach in height only 50-100 cm. Well wild blueberry grows in northern latitudes on marshy soils among coniferous plants. Creates dense, dense thickets. Such type of blueberry is not suitable for garden.

It is better to buy the prepared sapling hybrid since it will bring more harvest, will have large berries and it is resistant to the attacks of wreckers. By the way, and undersized copies which maintain hard frosts of Siberia and the Urals often occur among them, well survive under snow and please with sweet and rich harvest. Such blueberry has high frost resistance.

Where to land blueberry

Berry loves sunlight and generously thanks for it sweet taste. Therefore it is necessary to choose open places, it is desirable without drafts (it will provide, for example, high fence).

Some industrial grades are capable to fructify also in shadow, but yield unsweetened harvest.

The earth has to be friable, generously trained, whenever possible peat and sand.

Bushes develop in the acidified earth quicker. The loamy soil should be mixed with sand peat in proportion 1:3. If soil sour peat, then it is possible to mix half of bag of sand on bush with it. In the grown poor earth it is necessary to introduce organic fertilizers.

Now boarding

Blueberry is made multiple copies in March-April. During the summer saplings it is good to take roots and will take root then will be able to worry any winter. Autumn landing can lead to destruction by frost of young bush.

Blueberry will well take root if planting stock of high quality. Bushes, suitable for landing, offer highly specialized garden shops and nurseries.

For half an hour before landing the capacity with back should be submerged in water, after root to take and knead land lump. That the bush has quickly taken roots, roots in hole need to be straightened well.

Replace blueberry strictly before swelling of kidneys. Gubina of hole – half-meter. If blueberry stocky is chosen, then it it is possible to sit down at distance in half-meter from the next culture. Tall grades demand scope at least a meter around root.

The hole before landing should be filled with mix of peat and needles, sand and sulfur. At this stage fertilizers in substrate are not introduced. After sapling powder with the soil so that the root neck of plant has left under the earth on 3 cm. Then it is necessary to water generously plant and to zamulchirovat at the basis. For this purpose sawdust, straw, bark and peat will approach (everything crushed). Approximate thickness of mulch – 10 cm.


If plant young (about one year), then after landing from it it is necessary to cut off the damaged branches. Healthy and strong escapes cut since the end in the spring.

During the summer the soil at root should be loosened. It needs to be done 2-3 times during the summer, but carefully not to damage roots – depth at most 8 cm. Soil at roots has to be always mulched (before loosening the mulch is removed). Annually it is necessary to add fresh mulch.

Blueberry – the gentle plant exacting to purity of the soil. It is regularly necessary to weed it from weeds. It is regularly necessary to water, but not to allow stagnation of moisture at roots, otherwise blueberry will die. One bucket on bush twice a week suffices.

Watering is very necessary for plant during formation of flower kidneys (August). If blueberry strongly dries, it will yield small harvest. Therefore it is necessary to provide possibility of automatic watering in hot summer. The plant also will be grateful for shower on leaves.

Three times during the summer blueberry it is necessary to feed up nitrogen fertilizer, in the summer, and then and in the fall - phosphorus.

Leaving includes also routine inspection of culture on infection with diseases and attacks of wreckers. Once leaves turn yellow, to become brown or to become covered by spots, it is necessary to take measures at once.


Bushes breed:

  • seeds;
  • shank;
  • layer;

Seeds sow in the fall. Also they when air gets warm to 25oc ascend. The young growth of blueberry should be watered and loosened soil. In the spring seedlings to feed up nitrogen, plant them at 2-year age. They will yield fruits only for the 8th year.

Shanks – the easiest way. The best escapes on 10-15 cm twigs are cut. Month shanks maintain in cool and land in soil with sand on depth of 8 cm.

In case of reproduction by bush blueberry it is necessary to dig out and separate back into parts. Then it can be trenched in to the earth at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team