Garden chrysanthemum: landing and leaving

Garden chrysanthemum: landing and leaving

Chrysanthemum garden (Latin Chrysanthemum morifolium) — the blossoming plant which is used in landscaping and landscape gardening registration. The bush is chrysanthemum and to single stalk.

The chrysanthemum can be grown up on country sites and beds with the friable moderately fertilized soil. The plant differs in frost resistance therefore chrysanthemums not bad grow and blossom in the open ground.

Landing of chrysanthemum

It is desirable to sow seeds at the end of February - the beginning of March. For seeds it is necessary to prepare tanks (boxes or pots) filled with the damp trained soil. At crops it is better not to fill up seeds with earth layer, for fast germination they need sunlight. The first shoots usually appear in 7-10 days.

It is necessary to replace plants to the open ground in the second half of May (if air temperature does not fall below +15 °C). Chrysanthemums the next year will blossom. At the same time it is important to remember that abundant blossoming of chrysanthemums is possible only when planting plants in the place lit by the sun not less than five hours a day. Lack of the sun and excess of moisture — factors because of which the plant can die. The soil has to be trained, neutral or with the low level of acidity. Before planting of young saplings the bed needs to be dug over on depth of 25-30 centimeters and to water. If you want the chrysanthemum to blossom in year of disembarkation, then it is necessary to use shanks. Then the first blossoming will begin approximately in four months after landing. The chrysanthemums which have grown from shanks well transfer cold weather and quickly develop. Within one season the small shank can well expand. Shanks are cut off in the spring from plant not less than 20 centimeters high. They need to be cut from tops of young escapes. Optimum length of shanks — 10 centimeters. From them it is necessary to cut off the lower leaves then to land in the container with the damp and fertilized soil. Approximately in two weeks the shanks have to take roots, after that they can be replaced to the constant place to the open ground.

Care for garden chrysanthemum

That the chrysanthemum expanded and blossomed, fertilizing is necessary for it. At stage of growth of escapes it is possible to use nitrogen fertilizers. During forming of buds the good result is yielded by phosphoric and potash fertilizers. Chrysanthemums need watering, but do not transfer stagnation of water in the soil. Therefore the frequency of watering has to depend on weather patterns and properties of the soil. At the beginning of budding the plant consumes more moisture. Waterings should be made as required to support earth lump in damp state and not to allow soil drying. When watering by fertilizers the bed needs to be watered so that water did not get on leaves.

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