Garden greenhouses: types, features, application

Garden greenhouses: types, features, application

For cultivation of vegetables, thermophilic berry cultures and seedling, garden greenhouses are widely applied. Their main feature is opportunity to steadily support the certain microclimate necessary for the normal growth and development of plants.

The most popular materials for production of greenhouses – polycarbonate, polyethylene, glass. Each of them has certain characteristics. So, the polycarbonate structure can brag of high strength, heat-insulating properties and excellent transparency. This option is suitable for year-round use. One more plus of such construction – mobility, in need of it it is possible just to move to other place. Besides, greenhouses from polymeric plastic do not leave gardeners indifferent because of the design, they actually very accurately look on the site.

Their high cost belongs to shortcomings of polycarbonate greenhouses. Quality material cannot just cost little. If plastic designs have suspiciously low price, so for their production secondary raw materials were used what most likely to affect quality.

Garden greenhouses from polyethylene differ in simplicity of use, low cost, good light transmission. The film can be fixed without problems on any framework, and if necessary it is simple to remove.

Lack of normal polyethylene is its fast failure, this material serves usually 2-3 seasons. It has weak stability before the natural phenomena, strong wind or large hail can damage film.

Stronger greenhouses turn out from reinforced film. Between layers of such film the mechanical grid which does it strong and resistant to stretchings is placed. Greenhouses from any polyethylene are intended only for use during season.

The high transparency, resistance to influence of abrasive substances is characteristic of glass greenhouses, good isolation is warm. It is possible to apply glass structures all the year round, they are durable, do not demand special care – to wash rather regularly them with water with cleaning agent and all.

The main lack of greenhouses from glass is the lack of mobility, such construction can be established on some certain place because she demands the strong base and additional load-carrying structures. In addition, the high fragility belongs to minuses of glass, the hailstorm or hurricane can damage it. 

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