Garden hose: main versions and their characteristics

Garden hose: main versions and their characteristics

The task to grow up good harvest faces each gardener and the gardener. And here anywhere not to get to without watering and irrigation. The main assistant to the gardener helping to carry reviver to each plant – garden hose. The comfort of work of the gardener depends on right choice of this piece of garden stock.

Modern watering hoses are issued from various materials, have individual characteristics and gradually force out from gardens of the rubber predecessors.

Modern hoses – what they?

Producers of the watering equipment offer garden hoses from various materials and various modifications.

Rubber hoses Can be single-layer and multilayered. Single-layer models quickly crack and as a result break. Such equipment is very sensitive to manifestations of the environment and water temperature. Life cycle of single-layer rubber hoses short. Rubber hoses of multilayered modification have the relief form for prevention of twisting. Life cycle of such equipment can be increased due to reinforcing by kapron cloth.

Hoses from polyvinylchloride (PVC) their structure can be also single-layer and multilayered. The most widespread hoses for domestic needs are multilayered models. Such equipment consists of 2–5 layers including food and nonfood plastic and the reinforced nylon thread. By the form such hoses can be smooth and corrugated. Polyurethane hoses – the equipment which is not afraid of temperature drop and action of ultraviolet rays. For convenience these models of hose can be produced in spiral form. These models differ in large-scale of durability and ease. Nylon hoses the Flexible flat hoses capable to solve problem of low pressure in the system of watering. This problem is fixed at the expense of small internal section.

What needs to be considered upon purchase of hose?

Choosing diameter of hose it is necessary to make a start from water pressure on the site. The water pressure is weaker, the less there has to be diameter of hose. It is necessary to find out water temperature interval, will be optimum from-20 to +60os. The convenience of storage and transportation of hose will be provided by the coil. Often it fastens on the special cart with wheels. For watering at short distance the hose should not be untwisted at full length. And storage in such look will allow to avoid zalom on the watering equipment. Being the irreplaceable assistant on the garden site, the hose will serve long only in case to consider rules of its choice and to provide optimal conditions for its storage.

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