Garden in the winter: features of landscaping

Garden in the winter: features of landscaping

The summer garden pleases look with violence of paints and forms, but with the onset of cold weather the picture changes. At the same time owners want that the landscape around the house was pleasing to the eye all the year round. There is a solution – when planning garden it is necessary to consider features of landscape and how they will look at various times years.

Winter garden in landscaping: features of planning

Landscape designers know – the territory covered with snow kind of contracts, decreases in sizes. Visually will help to increase garden and to make it more harmonious free space – small glade in more visible than circle, oval, square. In summertime the site is planted with grass, in the winter the lawn completely covers snow. You should not plant on it bushes and trees. If there is a wish for color variety, it is better to use figurative cachepots which for the winter remove.

When planning garden it is necessary to consider not only exterior, but also features of leaving. The small architectural forms and lamps installed along paths should not prevent snow warehousing. It is important to think over where icicles will fall from roofs what tile without problems will sustain cleaning from sleet. Too magnificent crowns can suffer after abundant snowfalls therefore before winter season it is necessary to attend to forming and cutting of sprawling branches.

It is necessary to pave paths brick or tile with rough surface. Such material well transfers frosts and thaw, does not burst and does not become too slippery. Ideal width of paths – 75-100 cm. It will allow to clean pass from snow as manually, and by means of special machines. Snow is usually stored by row, in the form of accurate border. But if paths are bordered with green hedge, it is necessary to take out at once snow out of borders of the territory.    

It is important to organize space so that the beautiful view from each window turned out. Plants which need the shelter and look not too presentably, it is better to have on the background.

Garden in the winter: the interesting ideas for registration

You should not overload landscape with paints. On white background there are enough several bright spots. Especially effectively different shades of greens look. They are decorative at all seasons of the year and serve as good background for the blossoming plants. In the winter dwarfish and normal fir-trees, pines, junipers and other plants undertake the soloist role.

The equal space needs to be recovered large effective parts. For example, the only tree with krone of beautiful form can become basic element of winter composition. When landing green hedges it is necessary to consider that many cultures, growing, become bare from below. Landing lilac, euonymus, hawthorn or elder, it is necessary to plan the place for young growth which should be put in 2-3 years.

A lot of things depend also on site illumination degree. If it the most part of day is in shadow, it is worth making choice for kizilnik, magoniya padubolistny, snezhnoyagodnik, euonymus. On solar sites it is possible to land different types of currant, barberry, dogrose. Designers do not recommend to be fond of hvoynik – under snow they look effectively, but can create gloomy mood late fall. Ideal proportion – one third of coniferous plants of different types.

The plants which are most long keeping fruits and foliage will become decoration of garden. Even under snow do not fall down leaves at some grades of lilac or quince Japanese. Effectively also the rowan powdered with snow, guelder-rose or barberry looks. Bright red berries diversify monotonous white landscape and create positive mood.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team