Garden paths on feng shui

Garden paths on feng shui

The correct planning of garden paths on the site not only will decorate way to your house, but also will create the atmosphere of tranquility and cosiness.


1. Visiting the big estate or the small garden site in six hundred parts, we not always notice paths on which we pass in the magnificent garden publishing amazing aromas – flower bed and rich fertile kitchen garden. And meanwhile garden footpaths play considerable role in improvement of the territory near the estate.

2. The form and the amount of garden paving is different. We have got used that the path from entrance to garden conducting to outer door of the house, straight line. But by the principles feng shui, it is undesirable: on the direct road as arrow, energy arrives very quickly, and to crown it all the main entrance and doors of exit to the backyard are on one line, the salutary energy which was freely arriving immediately freely leaves the house. And imagine path which, being smoothly bent, runs, bending around stones, reservoir, group landings. Such track slows down the speed of receipt of vital energy and allows to admire beauty of garden, to relax, having sat down on the standing bench nearby.

3. The path which in process of advance to the house is narrowed not successful option, will reign the atmosphere of condensation of positive energy here and vice versa, the path expanding before main entrance – can disseminate vital energy. If it is impossible to change path form, put along plant path so that they hung over it or crept, occupying small sites of path, it is possible to place flowerpots with flowers, breaking thereby straight lines. If the amount of paving allows, organize in the middle bed, it kind of will break off path on part.

4. The path which is going down to front door on slope will be the most successful option. To your estate the wealth and good luck will direct. If on the contrary – the path climbs steep slope – put several decorative lamps on the way, they will light way and will give to stream of vital energy the favorable direction. Paths which on the way to the house have steps meet – we give them the rounded-off contours. It is possible to suit them not absolutely equal, with islands of grass at the edges. At the edges of ladders install vases with the flowers. It is preferable that plants were one coloring. We choose from flowers chrysanthemums or carnations. We will be limited to 2-3 types, selecting plants for registration of entrance to the dwelling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team