Garden table the hands: master class

Garden table the hands: master class

For comfortable stay at the dacha the table – convenient, steady and capacious is necessary. It is useful for family meals, friendly meetings, evening sit-round gathering in the open air. Simple wooden table it is quite possible to make with own hands, to cope with such work even the person without skills of joiner's works.

The choice of garden table depends on personal taste, landscape, style of registration of the site. For example, the elegant metal table with shod parts complemented with chairs in the same style will be suitable for paved patio. The wooden house in farmstead spirit will add long wooden table with spacious benches.

The folding transforming table is very convenient. The small table-top is easily displayed, allowing it is convenient to place the whole company of guests. Very beautifully also round tables look. The only minus – they take a lot of place and are suitable for spacious sites more. The interesting decision – polygonal table. It is convenient to place it on verandah, establishing in corner or nominating to the middle of the room.  

The simplest and practical option – rectangular table of the average size. It it is easy to make with own hands, using improvised materials – bar, rails, parquet board. It is possible to get necessary in any construction hypermarket. The electric tools helping to cut, plane and drill precisely and accurately tree will accelerate work.

At first the drawing with necessary sizes is formed. The next stage – preparation of parts. For rectangular table are necessary;

  • 4 legs from bars of 5 by 10 cm, about 106 cm long;
  • 2 bars 87 cm long for frame;
  • 6 boards 180 cm long for table-top;
  • 2 boards and 2 bars for the table-top basis.

To saw parts conveniently circular saw. It is important to trace that the tree was qualitative, otherwise the table will quickly become useless. Edges of boards and bars smooth out milling cutter and are polished with coarse-grained abrasive paper, then in places of connections the small openings facilitating twisting of screws and self-tapping screws are drilled.

Bars for legs connect crosswisely and are fastened with self-tapping screws in places of crossing. Places of joint are coated with glue. Each pair of legs is fastened with horizontal bar, the ends of bars are cut off on diagonal.

Boards for table-top keep within on plain surface closely or with identical gaps. For convenience under them it is better to enclose veneer sheet. Atop table sidewalls with legs keep within and become stronger self-tapping screws. It is possible to check parallelism by means of spirit level. In the center two more basic bars are fixed. When fastening it is necessary to make sure that hats of self-tapping screws do not act over tree surface. The final stage – closing up of slots putty.

The ready wooden or metal table can be decorated. The simplest option – painting. The tree is covered with opaque paint, mordant or it is delicious. The table-top is decorated by means of decoupage or stenciled. Such table will be perfectly added by self-made chairs with convenient pillows or wooden benches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team