Gas-holder merits and demerits

Gas-holder merits and demerits

Gas-holders are special storage tanks of liquefied natural gas. In the form of big elevated tanks the gas-holders are used at the large chemical companies. Small underground tanks serve for supply of gas to dachas and in owner-occupied dwellings.

Autonomous providing the house with gas with use of gas-holder

Near the house it is necessary to dig ditch for placement of gas-holder. Full heating and power supply of the house will require the capacity from 2000 to 20000 liters in size. Gas-holder for reasons of safety have at distance of 10 m from inhabited constructions and at distance of 15 m and more from water intake. The tank has to be slightly lower than frost depth of soil that liquefied gas has not frozen.

The liquefied gas received by cooling is 600 times less on volume, than natural gas, and it almost does not contain sulfuric connections.

From gas-holder mouth gas on pipes moves to kitchen stove, the boiler house and the gas-driven electric generator. Gas is supplied in pipes due to natural evaporation. After passing through the reducer supporting constant pressure in 30–50 millibars, gas gets to the pipeline with distributing to the gas equipment. Filling of the tank is carried out according to the application of the consumer by means of special cars gas carriers.

Pluses and minuses of gas-holder

It is appropriate to use stationary stores of liquefied gas in remote places where there are no gas pipelines and power lines. The gas-holder favourably differs from diesel heating in low toxicity, purity in use and simplicity in operation. The lack of the centralized gas supply allows to avoid the problems connected with pressure loss in the main pipeline. Liquefied gas has big efficiency, than diesel fuel and natural gas.

The boiler equipment during the work with gas-holder will serve longer as in the evaporated gas there are almost no sulfuric connections which can enter chemical reaction with metal of pipes.

The system of autonomous supply with gas will allow to begin and finish heating season at any convenient time. At interruptions in power supply the owners of gas-holder have opportunity to connect the gas-driven electric generator. In case of leak from gas-holder fuel does not remain in the soil, and freely evaporates, without doing any harm to plants of the site and people. It is possible to carry the high cost of equipment of the house to shortcomings of gas-holder autonomous gas network. It includes not only the price of the underground tank, but also cost of digging of ditch, laying of pipes, all gas equipment. In severe winters the malfunctions in gas supply caused by freezing of fuel in gas-holder are possible.

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