Grades of remontant wild strawberry for vertical registration of garden

Grades of remontant wild strawberry for vertical registration of garden

The wild strawberry not only is tasty, useful, curative, but also is very decorative. Its bright green beautiful leaves, abundant blossoming and bright fruits berries, compact bush with mustache sockets - all this is very attractive to cultivation of wild strawberry in vertical registration.

In vertical culture it is better to use grades remontant of neutral day group. They favourably differ from old remontant grades in earlier and long second blossoming. And it means that it is not necessary to wait for harvest long. In hot and solar summer the interval between spring and aestivo-autumnal blossoming is sharply reduced. And then remontantnik appear in all the beauty that suit owners of garden. The wild strawberry will never be superfluous on table.

Grades which with success will beautifully look in suspended cachepots and flowerpots, in the form of vertical walls and pyramids, columns and at the same time to give tasty berries:

Brighton has perfectly proved grade as reliable for Moscow area. The first fructification coincides with normal early grades. Berries of the second wave at the beginning of August not really large, the 10-15th, a little sourish, but than closer to fall, those are more sweet than some berry, mustache on plant on 5-7sht which immediately blossom and fructify.

The grade ""Tribyyut"" is similar to previous, but more tall has bush and mustache forms more. The size of berries more small, but they are more sweet and more fragrant.

Grade Tristar has compact average bush, abundant blossoming and gives many berries, medium-sized, but sweet with aroma of wild strawberry. There is not a lot of mustache. Grade - the best for vertical wall or pyramid.

Grade ""Queen Elizabeth"" - the most popular. The bush high and multideciduous, is not a lot of mustache which immediately blossom and fructify. Large berries, fragrant and good taste. The grade reliable also adapts to growth conditions. It is good more for floor cultivation in flowerpots.

Such grades as Elizabeth II, ""Selva"", Geneva, hybrids: ""The world debut" ", " "House delicacy" "and" "The world delicacy"" will also be suitable for vertical culture. These remontantnik of skoroplodna also form floral kidneys on mustache, some of hybrids blossom in white-pink colors. And, all of them have quite large size of berries and well fructify even in the conditions of moderate summer to frosts.

 Neutral and day grades do not need solar lighting throughout the day. Therefore they will grow in places at small shadowing from the hot sun. If to move plants in the room, then berries will ripen further.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team