Graffiti wall-paper: recommendations about selection and application

Graffiti wall-paper: recommendations about selection and application

Graffiti wall-paper – great way to make room interior bright and original. Especially successfully they will look in rooms of the teenagers or living rooms issued in style the loft. To find such wall-paper in shop and to pokleit them absolutely simply.

What is graffiti wall-paper

The word "graffiti" originates in Italian. It has come from the word graffiato which in translation means "scratched". It is possible to tell that graffiti are special type of the fine arts which have arisen in primitive times. The first graffiti are rock painting in caves, the first drawings which were left behind by ancestors of the person.

Further drawing on walls of houses has gained development. Such creative activity and way of self-expression have found special popularity in the 20th century. Then it became almost national type of the American art. Sidewalk artists by means of paint from barrel decorated gray streets of the industrial cities. It was not only entertainment, but also social statement, protest against system. The law prescribed punishment for similar public expression of the opinion.

However over time the attitude of the state to graffiti was changed. From semi-underground and illegal art form wall painting became the popular design decision which municipal authorities sometimes consciously order from artists for decoration of the cities.

Graffiti and for interior finish are used. However, instead of classical spray paints the special stylized wall-paper is suitable for interiors better. They make finishing work easier easier. Even the person without special skills and abilities whereas not each person is able to ornament wall manually can create really original design.

How to choose graffiti wall-paper

That the result has not disappointed, it is important to choose suitable material for interior finish. Though graffiti wall-paper have appeared not so long ago, producers offer the wide assortment in which it is easy to be lost. To orient simple advice will help. It is especially important to them to follow, considering that such wall-paper more expensive than the normal analogs is.

First, it is important to remember harmony of styles and to carefully follow rules of combination. Graffiti wall-paper – ultramodern finishing material most of which often is released in modernist style. It will approach not all rooms therefore it is necessary to imagine precisely how wall-paper will look in this room.

The successful decision I will be graffiti wall-paper in style interiors hi-tech. Also well they will look in minimalist design, with laconic monophonic furniture, in big light space and with modern chandeliers. And here in the magnificent, abounding with accessories and design parts interior of graffiti wall-paper will be absolutely inappropriate. Also you should not use this material for interior finish of walls in rooms of ethnic style or colonial, Mediterranean and east.

Wall-paper with bright volume drawings and inscriptions looks brightly and is evident. They can become the only accented interior part. Other accents and bright accessories will excessively look and to destroy minimalist modern style.

That bright wall-paper did not hurt the eyes, did not tire and did not press, color transitions have to be soft and smooth. For example, aggressive scarlet color has to pass smoothly into another, less shouting shades, maintaining necessary balance.

Separate type of wall-paper – graffiti with effect 3D. They will become the successful decision for uneven surfaces, having turned shortcoming into artistic touch. All cambers will become part of uniform three-dimensional composition which will visually increase the room and will hide defects.

It is very important to consider proportion both the room, and the drawing on wall-paper. Finishing materials with the drawing graffiti provide accurate drawings and inscriptions which have to correspond to dimensions of all room where they will be pasted. Wall-paper with large inscriptions and drawings will unsuccessfully look in small rooms – they will make them closer, and small patterns in spacious rooms will just be lost and will not create the necessary effect. Choose material proceeding from room dimensions.

Besides, it is necessary to consider look and purpose of the room. Depending on this factor it is worth selecting the drawing and inscriptions on wall-paper. For example, in the bedroom of the child or teenager wall-paper with heroes of animated heroes, characters from cinema, comics, books will relevant look. Here it is possible to use drawings of animal or fantastic beings, racing cars, sports subject.

And in rooms for adult or public – in the living room, office or kitchen – it is worth using other subject. These are the cities megalopolises, abstract drawings, images of various sights, symbolical portraits and silhouettes of people.

How to paste over walls of graffiti with wall-paper

The operation manual of wall-paper with graffiti the drawing a little what differs from normal finishing materials. It is important to prepare correctly surface, to choose good glue and to observe all main nuances of finishing process.

First, it is necessary to remove all old facing completely. If the wall has been covered with other wall-paper, use stopping knife. For removal of paint the grinder, will be suitable for tile – the perforator or chisel.

When the wall is completely cleaned, it is necessary to create plain surface, having puttied all roughnesses. If in wall there are very big cracks, cover them with special serpyanka which will prevent their further expansion.

The following step – wall primer. By means of primer the adhesion of the basis increases, so, material will better keep. If it is necessary to create background for further drawing the drawing, add to solution of a little white dye.

When the wall is completely ready, it is possible to start papering. Suitable glue is dissolved in net capacity in the proportions specified on packing. Cover with the turned-out sticky mix rear side of the front page of wall-paper, trying not to put too much or not enough liquid.

To paste the front page on wall and to level carefully that there is no fold left and roughnesses. Then to paste the following strip, observing unity of the drawing. Thus to paste over all room. It is important that inscriptions and pictures have laid down exactly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team