Grinding and painting of wooden floor

Grinding and painting of wooden floor

Any wooden floor is allocated with various advantages. It differs in ecological purity, high insulating qualities, fine exterior. But, to support covering from wood in good repair, it is necessary to make its full repairs periodically. This procedure includes grinding with further processing by paint and varnish structures. How does the similar action look? It assumes the following stages.

Preparation of wooden floor for grinding

Grinding is carried out by the special grinder. Not to damage it in the course of works, previously it is necessary to eliminate metal fixtures which could be used earlier when laying floor. It is optional to take out them. It is enough to deepen fixtures in thickness of board on 2-3 mm. It is also necessary to check that on wooden floor there is no sand, pebble gravel and other firm particles which can do much harm to grinder abrasive paper.

Grinding of floor from wood

That variant of grinding which is carried out in two steps is considered optimal. At the first stage the grinder with large abrasive paper is used. It helps to remove the top and most worn-out layer of wood. Then large cracks if they have been found after such work are puttied. It is the for this purpose best of all to use the joiner's glue mixed with sawdust.

When the putty dries, carry out repeated grinding. For it it is necessary to use the grinder with fine-grained abrasive paper. Even the minimum roughnesses will be as a result eliminated and also surplus of putty which by the present moment could remain on wood are removed.

Painting of wooden floor

When grinding is completed, from surface of floor all dust cleans up, any remained pollution are cleaned off. Afterwards wood becomes covered with primer which helps to fill time in tree. The last, by the way, always after grinding there is a lot of. As soon as soil dries, it is possible to pass to finishing painting. The transparent lacquer, mordants and impregnations and also the most normal paint is for this purpose used. Only it is desirable that after painting the natural invoice of wood remained noticeable.

Such complex repair of wooden floor it is desirable to spend each 5-7 years. If to meet this condition, to maintain finishing in excellent condition it will turn out for a long time. And then owners should not stack new floor covering often.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team