Grusha Dyushes: characteristic and description of grade

Grusha Dyushes: characteristic and description of grade

Grusha Dyushes is considered to be one of the most popular fruit. Many gardeners dream to grow up her on personal plots to have opportunity to enjoy this tasty and saturated delicacy. So what qualities pear Dyushes and how it is correct to plant this plant has?

From history. The grade the Duchess pear has been for the first time removed in the 18th century in England. Its original name - Williams, given in honor of the farmer who has for the first time shown new, more advanced grade at exhibition. The word "duchess pear" which have nicknamed this grade in the CIS countries is translated as "duchess" and the Duchess pear emphasizes all advantages of pear.

Description of grade

Pear fruits rather large, have the extended form. Their weight usually is more than 150 grams, however meet also such which weight reaches 500, and even 600 grams. It is worth noticing that this grade has two types – summer and winter. So, winter pear is slightly more by the sizes, than summer. Fruits at plant of this grade have thin peel and pleasant saturated aroma.

Naturally, pear the Duchess pear has number of merits:

  • It is unpretentious to the soil, that is grows in any soil. Besides, if pear is planted to the dry earth, then the content of sugar in it will be much higher therefore this grade is recommended to sit down on heights.
  • It is resistant to various weather conditions.
  • Fruits large and tasty, high fertility.
  • It is immune to many diseases.
  • And the winter version is very frost-resistant.

But there are also negative lines of pear the Duchess pear:

  • The first fruits appear late enough – approximately in 4-6 years after landing.
  • Despite resistance to diseases, this grade often is attacked by plant louse therefore the plant needs to be processed systematically.
  • Pollinators are required for Grusha Dyushes.

Order of landing of this grade

For a start choose the most acceptable place: as it has been already told, the Duchess pear is better to plant pear on heights where sunshine will get on it most of all.

The plant needs to be planted at the very beginning of March as kidneys on it are dismissed in the middle of the spring. However the hole in which you will plant future tree should be dug out in the fall. Depth has to be about a meter, diameter – the 60-70th. Also right after it it is required to put 3 buckets of humus and liter of ashes in this hole. Then, in the spring, pear of this grade is put in the center of hole, at the same time carefully correcting roots, powder with the earth and it is abundant water. At first the young sapling should be tied to some column.

That pear pleased the owner with set of tasty fruits, it is necessary to look after it:

  • Before blossoming and after harvesting pear the Duchess pear it is necessary it is abundant to water.
  • Also it is recommended to be cut off every spring.
  • And annual power supply of tree fertilizers will provide rapid and healthy growth.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team