Haricot decorative – unpretentious and beautiful plant

Haricot decorative – unpretentious and beautiful plant

Decorative haricot is plant which is grown up only for decoration of the garden site. The liana is used for vertical gardening of walls, fences, gazebos and terraces. The plant is known under names fiery beans and the Turkish beans.

What is decorative haricot

Decorative haricot belongs to family bean. The name has come from Latin – phaseolus that means "the sailing vessel". Exterior of flower is really similar to the boat under sails. As cultural plant decorative haricot is known since the fifteenth century.

Fiery beans – annual climber. Comes from South America therefore treats thermophilic cultures. Stalks of liana grow in length up to three-four meters. Flowers of plant of the small size, bright red, pink or white color.

Landing and leaving

On roots of decorative haricot there are nodule bacterium nitrogen-fixing bacteria which enrich the soil with nitrogen. Unlike vegetable haricot, decorative is less exacting to growth conditions. Soils for liana need to be chosen as rich and friable. Haricot – hygrophilous plant therefore regular watering is obligatory. From organic fertilizers it is impossible to apply fresh manure, only rerotting. In case of lack of organic chemistry it is possible to apply mineral complex fertilizers. Decorative haricot seeds which differ in the large sizes and pinkish coloring breeds. Between holes the distance has to be not less than 40 cm. In each hole about 2-3 seeds at the end of May are sowed. In northern areas where returnable frosts are possible, it is better to grow up decorative haricot in the seedling way. The plant badly transfers change therefore seeds need to be sowed in pots with the taking-out bottom. In that case at change on the constant place the roots of liana will not suffer. It is even better to use peat pots. Crops on seedling are made since the beginning of April to the middle of May. To the open ground of plant land in June when the threat of frosts passes. After disembarkation in soil the plant quickly braids the provided support. Thanks to this property of decorative haricot, it is good to plant it along gazebo, fences, canopies and other compositions. Decorative haricot has important advantage – ability to grow in half-shade. The liana not only grows in such conditions, but also blossoms, and yields harvest. Fruits of haricot are considered as inedible. Decorative haricot perfectly gets on with the majority of plants. If near haricot to land potatoes and tomato, they will be surprised less phytophthora and Colorado beetle.

Diseases of decorative haricot

The plant is subject to anthracnose, white and root decay, mosaic, mealy dew. For prevention of diseases it is impossible to thicken landings. It is also necessary to delete weak and sick parts of haricot in time, to make timely weeding and to process plant from insects wreckers.

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