Haydite, range of application and types

Haydite, range of application and types

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Haydite is material which is rather popular when performing construction jobs. In spite of the fact that there are many alternative options which are developed not so long ago and completely meet modern standards, haydite remains quite demanded.

Inexpensive haydite is quite often used in construction and for registration of landscapes. Due to set of useful properties its demand over the years does not decrease.

What is haydite

Material represents lightweight small granules. They are received when burning clay. The pieces made of the raw materials which have had special training turn out porous, their size about 5-40 mm.

As initial raw materials clay, fusible, with small impurity of quartz is applied. Raw materials are loaded into the camera then soften to consistence of the test under the influence of temperatures increased to certain level. As a result of buckling of granule turn out with honeycomb. After roasting in the furnace they externally become vitreous. The manufactured products are clean in the ecological plan, the price of it is established low.

Production of one party takes no more than an hour. Then material is packed in bags and sent for sale.

Types of material

Haydite depending on fractions is subdivided into the following categories:

Haydite use pluses:

Range of application

Haydite in the construction sphere is most often used. For example, with its help it is possible to equip tie for floor – material provides good heat insulation and promotes support of comfortable temperature in the building.

Different fractions of material use for creation of masonry units. It is convenient for adding on the boggy area where making of the road is planned.

Haydite will be suitable also for application in decor, can be used as drainage in floriculture. It helps to reduce risk of disease of plants and to prevent appearance of the parasites capable to ruin root system. Often it is used for topping of paths, make out lawns, beds with its application.

You should not apply haydite to creation of thermal insulation in the rooms which do not have protection against freezing. Material is inclined to gather moisture in itself then loses the warming properties. As option, it is possible to make charge, without concreting layer.

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