Heatblock: pluses and minuses of material, technology of application

Heatblock: pluses and minuses of material, technology of application

Heatblocks are used for construction of load bearing walls and partitions. Differ in durability, durability, good decorative properties. The necessary standard size is selected depending on expected loading.

The heatblock – the modern construction material assuming combination of concrete block and heater. They have structure of sandwich, have three parts. Bearing – the normal block created from the pressed concrete. As heater polyfoam or extruded polystyrene foam is applied. The last layer is the facing material made of concrete. It can imitate stone, to be painted.

As two inside layers differ in the structure, for prevention of stratifying they are fastened with basalt or fiberglass rods. Heatblocks differ in the durability. It depends on the used cement slurry and grade of gravel. Also various heater can be applied. The cheapest types do of normal polyfoam. Options with extruded polystyrene foam possess big energy saving.

In the block the layer is uniform or to emptiness. The last is effective at construction of multy-storey constructions – in emptiness armature which is filled in with concrete is mounted.

Advantages of heatblocks

Material is eco-friendly. At the same time the built house will not become covered by mold and fungus over time. The facade is not subject to moisture influence. Treats advantages:

  • lack of construction waste during laying;
  • walls do not demand exterior finish, thermal insulation;
  • availability of wide choice of the invoice of topping coat;
  • small weight of blocks.

The resource of operation of material with maintaining all properties can reach 100 years. At the same time in the house it will be always warm. Depending on preferences and design of the house it is possible to pick up any form or the size.

Wide scope of application also belongs to pluses. Building material is applied at many and low construction, as filler of enclosing structures. Brands of the released M50, M75, M100 blocks are relevant for construction of residential and industrial buildings up to 9 floors high.

Thanks to lack of need to perform works without the intermediate stages, at low construction it is possible not to attract difficult technique, and workers of any qualification can cope with work. Besides, there is possibility of construction of any architectural concepts without considerable rise in price.


One of the main minuses is the weak vapor permeability. Because of it in the building the greenhouse effect is created. It is possible to avoid its emergence if to make effective ventilation. Treats shortcomings:

  • need observance of high density of laying;
  • the impossibility of construction of houses is higher than 9 floors
  • availability of uneven edges or wrong geometry.

It is possible to eliminate the last defect independently, having chosen reliable producer of this material. When choosing the attention has to be paid also to quality of insulating layer. If it is wrong to choose material, then it is possible to face not only increase in heatlosses, but also steady chemical smell.

How do warm blocks become?

Practically all producers use the similar system of production. At first add ingredients for receiving solution to the mixer. It is sand cement, ceramsite gravel, additives. In each matrix the insert is established. The correctness of its mounting is surely controlled as material of heater should not support edge of form.

In the prepared matrix fill in solution. After consolidation the blocks are placed in the cell where are before full drying. Sometimes the filled matrix is put on vibrotable. On it the intensive vibration allowing to eliminate bubbles from solution is made.

For construction of the heateffective house it is better to choose products from the famous producers. The greatest popularity was received by the blocks released by the companies:

  • "Klimovsk heatblock". Offers products which correspond to GOST and the specification. Each party undergoes testing regarding radiation hazard.
  • "Теплоблок.рф". Factories are in Domodedovo and Smolensk. The company offers the wide range of finished goods.
  • "Warm house". The firm works in Moscow area. As the main component the Egyptian cement of white color is applied. It has the increased durability, long term of operation.

Technology of application

The same rules are usually followed that are applied to gas concrete. The only restriction – the ban on cutting of elements. Such action can lead to violation of integrity. The laying is carried out on glue with thickness of seam from 2 to 4 mm. Sometimes for these purposes polyurethane foam is used.

The more densely blocks will be located to each other, the better. Thanks to it heat will not leave through seams. Some masters apply cement slurry and roofing material to establishment of the lower number of heatblocks. In the subsequent, for putting the gluing material, it is possible to use the toothed palette. It is applied also to sticker of ceramic plates. In the course of mounting residues of glue can be allocated. They need to be moved away at once.

For buildings of small number of storeys in seismically quiet areas the concrete formwork is not necessary. Use at construction of armopoyas and cores is relevant. The last are made of reinforced concrete for sheaf with constructional layer.

Installation of warm blocks happens in one layer. For obtaining the necessary result it is necessary to calculate correctly the outer linear dimensions of all building and poryadny apportion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team