Heating by the convectors which are built in floor

Heating by the convectors which are built in floor

Comfortable location indoors requires creation of favorable microclimate. Heating – one of important factors. Long time the only heating appliances were radiators which efficiency is low – their heat emission does not exceed 30%.

Small efficiency and not the most esthetic type of radiators has forced to address alternative ways of heating of the room. Convectors became one of types of alternative heating. The physical concept "convection" at which heat is transferred by means of stream is the cornerstone of the name. Source of heat flux are special devices – convectors.

In basis of functioning of system the property of air to rise up when heating and to fall at temperature reduction is put. Thus circulation of air mass and heating of the room is carried out.

On source of heat distinguish electric, gas and water convectors. As placement of source of heat – floor, vnutripolny and wall.

Operation principle of vnutripolny convectors

The heat carrier of vnutripolny convectors is water that creates visibility of similarity to traditional radiators of hot-water heating. But unlike radiators, heating happens by means of the movement of air, natural or compulsory distribution. Natural distribution happens under the influence of physical laws, in compulsory systems – under the influence of the integral fans that allows to use them in rooms of big cubic capacity. The built-in rheostats are designed to regulate temperature range.

Design of the vnutripolny convector

The convector consists of two basic elements – the load-carrying structure executed in the form of box and the heat exchanger on which the heat carrier moves. The rheostat and the fan can be added optionally or included in basic complete set, depending on model. Fans can be two types. The fan of aksionalny type, is located from face of the device and and provides air flow in system from the outside. The tangential fan is laid along the heat exchanger and stimulates advance of air masses along all device. Basic element which represents design visually is the decorative grid masking design. The grid, depending on the sizes of design can be foundry and rolled. As it is the only visible constructive part, requirements of compliance to the general interior are imposed to design of grid.

Installation of the vnutripolny convector

The convector is mounted in floor tie. If mounting is made in already equipped room, then there is need of the organization of cavity for mounting of box. Connection of the device to the general system represents complexity and it is not always possible in multifamily houses. In similar situation it is possible to consider question of use of the electric vnutripolny convector which connection is much simpler. But in this case the cost of operation of system will be much higher.

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