Hens Nick Brown: description of breed, external characteristics

Hens Nick Brown: description of breed, external characteristics

The breed "Nick Brown" is familiar to poultry breeders on both sides of the ocean. These hens – champions on yaytsenoskost. The nickname of "the machine on production of eggs" strongly was assigned to them. At the same time they are also unpretentious in respect of contents.

History of creation of breed

Long time selectors tried to create ideal egg breed. In 1965 the German scientists managed it. "Nick Brown" has appeared in laboratories of the known selection company H&N International. At first it has won popularity at local farmers, and then and worldwide. Since then there have passed more half a century, but "Nick Brown" continues to remain on special situation with poultry breeders. 

Be always on the lips selectors it is even not breed, but cross. So call interpedigree hybrids which have inherited the improved parameters concerning both parents. Difference from breed also that cultivation of cross does not assume receiving posterity. So, "Nick Brown" get only for the sake of high yaytsenoskost. When it begins to fall, the cross layers are just slaughtered. 


The appearance of hens "Nick Brown" is ordinary-looking. And it is easily explainable: the cross has been created first of all for the sake of record yaytsenoskost therefore decorative qualities of parents in attention did not undertake. "Nick Brown" has the average sizes and the compact body. The breast slightly is given forward.

The small head, with listovidny comb and oval earrings of bright red color. Yellow beak, with raid of gray. Legs longwise averages, with four fingers. 

At layers "Nick Brown" dense and smooth brown plumage. At the same time on the end tail lighter. At roosters snow-white plumage. 

The layer weighs only 2 kg, and rooster one kilogram bigger. Therefore for face on meat this cross is not considered. 

Representatives "Nick Brown" give eggs with very strong uniform shell of dark brown color. They the most brown of all existing crosses. 


Layers "Nick Brown" relatively early reach maturity. Hens give the first eggs at the age of 23 weeks. In the beginning they lay small eggs, weighing about 45 g. By year weight grows to 70 g.

With age the yaytsenoskost only raises. It does not depend on season that is highly appreciated by poultry breeders. Up to 8 months "Nick Brown" gives 250 eggs, further – to 400 pieces a year. 

Features of contents

Representatives "Nick Brown" differ in unpretentiousness in the plan both the hen house, and forage. They well feel both in cage, and on floor. Important conditions – the draft indoors should not walk and be very chilly. It is necessary to hold humidity at the level of about 50-60%. During yaytsekladka of layer demand 16-hour daylight hours.

This cross has high resistance to many widespread diseases of domestic hens. "Nick Brown" also well transfers cold weather.   

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team