Hibiscus, or Chinese rose: care in house conditions

Hibiscus, or Chinese rose: care in house conditions

The hibiscus (or the Chinese rose) is the graceful plant captivating beauty of the flowers. In house conditions it can be grown up both in pots, and on beds. At the correct leaving the hibiscus quickly grows and besides generously blossoms.

Features of care for the Chinese rose

The Chinese rose – photophilous plant: it perfectly feels in well lit places, and at lack of light the hibiscus badly develops and practically does not blossom. At the same time plant it is impossible to have under direct sunshine (especially in the summer): ideal location – the window facing the west or the East. In warm season the flowerpot in which the Chinese rose grows can be taken out in garden, on terrace or balcony.

Recommend to contain hibiscus at temperature 21-25os in the summer. In the winter indoor temperature can fall to 13-15os. Also Chinese rose needs to be protected from drafts.

From spring to fall the watering has to be abundant, and in winter time – moderate. It is impossible pereuvlazhnyat the soil at all or, on the contrary, to allow dryings of earth lump: the golden mean has to be found. Hour later after watering the soil in flowerpot needs to be loosened accurately. Also in the morning and it is necessary to spray in the evening hibiscus leaves (at strong heat this procedure is performed more often). Periodically Chinese rose can suit shower, washing away dust from its leaves. In the spring (March-April) young plants replace in bigger pot. For this purpose prepare the neutral substrate consisting of 1 part of the humous earth, 1 part of the peat earth, 1 part of sand and 2 parts of the cespitose earth. Besides, it is possible to enter into this mix a little wood charcoal. Since April, the Chinese rose feed up 1 time in 20 days the special mineral fertilizers intended for the blossoming houseplants. In August such fertilizing is stopped.

Hibiscus diseases

The wrong leaving provokes development of diseases in hibiscus. So, if there is a lot of sheet plates on plant also they green, but at the same time the Chinese rose does not blossom, to the soil too much nitrogen fertilizer is introduced. Besides this problem can arise if the houseplant lacks light or it receives moisture insufficiently. The yellow leaves appearing on hibiscus say that for watering of houseplant too cold water was used. One more reason of this phenomenon – chloroz. If the Chinese rose intensively dumps leaves, it can demonstrate that it lacks light. Main "enemies" of hibiscus – ordinary plant louse and web tick. Fight against them provides local processing of leaves and stalks of houseplant soap solution and also use of special medicines.

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